I Will Never Be Alone Again

My life was nothing but producing litter after litter,
But I did not allow that to make me bitter.

I continued to keep my head up and hope and pray,
That someone out there would come and save me someday.

Finally the breeder felt my value was at an end,
For the first time in years I was allowed to see the sun and grass again.

I was blind, teeth were rotting, and one of my legs was lame,
But the rescue angels took me into their arms just the same.

I was frightened, sick and weak and kept looking for guidance from above,
I held on for I knew there was someone special that I could love.

Into my life came this loving, wonderful lady,
Who soothed me, cuddled me and told me I was such a beautiful baby.

I was just a little bit of a thing you see,
And even if my little tongue hung out Mom still loved me.

I lived nearly two years after my escape from that horrible place,
Surrounded by love and cuddles with kisses showered upon my face.

My Mom made my time with her the best days of my life on this earth,
I had not known there was so much love to be given since my birth.

I could not hang on any longer and hated to leave,
But knew it was time, so Mom please do not grieve.

Mom, you held me in your arms as I bade the world goodbye,
And I could see the tears welling in your eyes as you tried not to cry.

I am healthy and whole again and it was so difficult to part,
But I lived the end of my life with a beautiful woman with such a loving heart.

© Jan Collins 5-3-04
In Memory of our sweet Angel and in tribute to Marsha, a woman of strength and character who loves these needy babies so much.

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