Jaba's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

November 11, 2016
Good morning,
Everything has been going good. I sent you a video of Chewy & Jaba. Jaba loves to eat lol. When he has to go potty, do you use a specific word?

November 12, 2016
Hi Jan,
He's definitely an affectionate little boy. He's so loving and Chewy is adjusting to having a little brother trying to get my attention. He does love running around in the backyard. I'll keep the updates coming.

November 22, 2016
Hi Jan
He's fabulous!! Such a quick learner and so smart. He's getting along really good with Chewy, and loves to be outside playing in the grass. He did very good at the vet and at his first grooming appointment. We love him, I'll send pics.

December 3, 2016
Hi Jan
Jaba is adjusting really well. He does great at the groomers! Chewy is now teaching him the ropes, lol Jaba follows him outside & they love to run around together. He's so loving, and loves to lay on the sofa right next to me & Chewy. He really is a blessing to have.

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