Jameson's Forever Home Update

May 14, 2006
I was thinking about you and all the pupseters, I still ck your web pg here & there the fur babies look so happy and playful :)
I can't believe that's it's been 7 months since we came and pu Jameson it just seems like he's been with us forever. We love him so much Jeff & I always say to one another that we couldn't imagine him not being in our life he gives us so much love and happiness, and he's a cuddle baby too. Jameson just loves the outdoors he just lounges in the shade or sun, and we watch him when he does this we laugh cause it's so cute.
Jamies all done potty training yippie,We are working on Jamies socializing w/kids, he is getting better each time. He also gets good exercise at home and at our place upnorth there is always activity for him & Cody. I started walking him when the weather broke and he does good, Cody's on one side & Jamie on the other, and they both walk good together, my neighbors LOL at me when they see us walk. Cody and Jamie just love each other, Cody just ignores Jamie when he trys to be the boss LOL..
We are so very lucky and happy to have the best boys, and we brag about them all the time.
Take good care
Jeff & Danielle Cody, Jameson

March 9, 2006
Hi Jan,
Here are our boys Cody & Jamie all cozy on their bed thought you would enjoy this pic. We love them both so much Jamie is a little cuddle buddy he enjoys one on one time. I took Jamie to the Vet last week for his yrly booster shots, and he got weighed in at 6.6lbs the Vet said that is a good weight for him and he is a healthy boy :) we love to hear that.
Jamie & Cody send puppy love
Take Care,
Danielle & Jeff and the boys

Febrary 16, 2006
How are you, It's been a little while since I've emailed you, and I was thinking about you and all the furbaby's, I still go to your web page to see what everyones been up to, so glad to see the adoptions :)
Anywho Jameson is doing absolutely great he's so spoiled, and he's on a very good routine, he is a little munch hound we don't give him too much table food mostly on the weekends as a treat I'll make some eggs for Cody & Jamie that think that's so great. Jamie loves it outside he just sniffs & sniffs the entire back yard can't wait until spring so he can stay out a little longer, it just to cold for him to be out too long. He's going to see the groomer today get a beauty treatment, then next week to the vet for his yearly shots that are due he does so well at both.
Jamie's belly bands are too small for him, and I need to order some more, I didn't use 3 of belly bands if you would like I can send them to you for the other smaller furbabys' let me know.
Take good care
Jamie sends his love
Jeff & Danielle

January 3, 2006
Hi Jan it's little ol'e me Jameson I wanted to let you know that I never new life could be so great. I just love my new family, and they talk to me all the time to tell me how much they love me even my big brother has taken a like'n to me, he lets me lay on his big bed next to him. Mommy also gives the best belly rubs that's my favorite, she also gives me & Cody daily massages we just love this. Well I just wanted to tell you I'm so very happy my tail wags all the time and I now how to play with all my toys, Mommy wants to talk to you.
Love you
Jameson. Hope things are well and you & your family had a very nice Holidays. It's hard to believe that Jameson has only been with us for only 2months, he has come such a long way he no longer is possessive of either of us he knows that he gets love'n from both Jeff & I.
We are working on his socializing he barks at company, but he will let others hold him, and as time passes he settles down. He will get better as spring hits he will be outside allot more, and when we go to our RV trailer there is allot of people & animals for him to get to know.
I had taken Jameson to our Vet he had blood in his stool, they checked it he has a parasites which is common in dogs he is on meds I just took another stool sample in and it's almost gone. They also did a complete physical he is in good health. He goes back in Feb for his shots that will be due.
Happy New Year
Jeff & Danielle
Cody, Jameson

December 7, 2005
How are you hope things are well. Wanted to send an update on Jameson, he is a little sweetheart he loves it outside, but it's a little too cold to stay out too long, he will love it in the spring he can run around in our big back yard. Jamie's new thing is to hide his treats behind the christmas tree or the couch to funny he is so animated. He also loves going under our bed and popping out on the other side he thinks thats cool. I've been trying to teach him to play with his toys and ball, nothing yet but maybe he will have some interest one day I just keep trying.
He has gotten a lot better with his possessiveness of Jeff he knows that we are both here for him, and he knows that this is forever home he feels so safe his tail wags and is up he loves when we talk to him. We are so happy that this has worked out for all of us. I will download some pics this week and send them.
Take care Jamie sends puppy love
Danielle & Jeff

November 23, 2005
Our Jamie is doing so great, he loves to go outside and wander and sniff around. At night he goes to sleep right away. He sleeps next to my pillow. I love him sleeping next to me, and in the middle of the night I will check to make sure he has his blanky on (I also got him pj's there red w/little lambs). Cody just got all groomed and he looks so handsome he loves it, we also let our groomer Debbie know about Jamie. She is looking forward to meeting Jamie. She does a great job with small breed grooming. I will send pics this weekend.
Happy Thanksgiving
Blessing to you and your Family
Take care, Jameson sends xoxox
Danielle & Jeff

November 19, 2005
We have a had a great week with Jamie his personality has really shone through. He is such a good boy, and he has taken a big like'n to his Daddy, Mommy trys not to get jealous I know the boys have to bond LOL..
We were all outside this morning, our neighbors have a German Shepard, Lab, and a Yorkie. Well Jamie thinks he's the big dog on the block, he was running up the fence just barking and growling at them. We were laughing so hard at him, he's a little feisty today.
My Mom & Dad came over last night to meet Jameson they just loved him. Jamie was a little shy at first, but sniffed them,and then he was ok. Jamie had to go outside so I put his little coat on. My Mom was laughing so hard she thought it was so cute. My Dad couldn't believe how calm & quiet he is. I told my Dad we have two good boys that give us unconditional love what more could we ask for we are very blessed to have Cody & Jameson they make us very happy.
Jamie is eating very well, and the potty training is going very good also. He had only had one accident in the house Yippie. He sleeps through the night all cuddled next to mommy :)
Jameson sends puppy love to you & Bruce
Enjoy the pics
Danielle & Jeff
Cody & Jameson

November 16, 2005
Oh yeah Jamie's a show off..LOL He has shown much progress, he goes wandering on his own throughout the house, he even went into his bed all by himself we are so proud of him. He also knows when it's bedtime he goes right to his special place, he sleeps right next to my pillow all warm and cozy I love him so much.
Thanks Again,

November 15, 2005
I started to take some pics last night, but my battery needs charging, I will take some tonight of us. Jameson was getting belly rubs from daddy last night, he loves that it's one of his favorites, after dinner we played couch potato Jameson layed on my chest w/his blanky and fell asleep. Then mommy was tired so we all went to sleep early.
I wish the weather was better we keep getting strong winds I would like to teach him to walk on the leash, maybe this weekend if it's nice out.
Jameson sends puppy xoxoxo

November 14, 2005
Jan & Bruce,
Had another really good day. We took Jameson to Petco. I wanted to buy him a sweater & pj's, but they didn't have anything that I cared for, but he loved it. He was checking everything out as he sat in the shopping cart strolling him around he didn't mind it at all.
Later in the evening my Cousin Nicole came over she's the one that has the baby Pomeranian Foxy, she has a 8yr old daughter Mariah, and she was showing me some of her cheer leading moves. Well Jameson didn't like that too much he started barking at her and growling in low tones, Mariah stopped I think she felt bad cause she had gotten him upset, I picked him up and he was ok he wasn't shaking. I can tell he doesn't like fast motions, Mariah just sat next to him and told him that she was sorry and she picked him up and he was just fine.
We had another good night he slept all the way through the night. I had to wake him so Jeff could take him outside for his business he is doing so well.
Jameson follows me all over even when I take my shower he was right there he is so so cute, I talk to him and tell him how sweet he is and how much I Love him he makes me smile. He is also attached to Jeff he follows him outside everywhere it's so funny here is Big Jeff & Cody bear and little Jamie is right beside them. We are so proud of Cody he is doing so well with Jameson.
I feel like Jameson has been with our family forever :)
P.S I'll take more pics through out the week and email them to you & Bruce. I gave Jameson a special hug & kiss from you & Bruce, and he sends puppy hugs & kiss's xo

November 13, 2005
Jan, We had a great night, Jameson slept the entire night right next to me I made a special spot for him with his blankie. Jeff got up 5:30, and Jamseson got up and barked at him, so cute, Jeff feed him and he ate real good then outside for a potty, the Jameson came back to bed w/me he is so cute he knows where his special place is already just goes right to it and lays down. We got up and Jeff took him out right away and he went potty, poody.
We just love him so much he is a sweetheart he follows us everywhere. Cody is absolutley ok with him as you can see in the pic. (Jeff showed me how to do attachments) I'm in our den typing this email, and he is laying on the couch all curled up he is very relaxed here as were are too.
I will email tomorrow morn take care.

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