Juliet's Forever Home Update

January 30, 2006
Good evening,
WHAT A DOLL! She is so beautiful and sweet and gentle and smart and ...
Boy did she fit in fast. She keeps wanting to go out to potty just so she can get a treat when she comes inside. She picks up on the tricks and treats really quick.
She loves her bed and is in it when she's not trying to con someone out of food. I purchased her a pink choker with crystals today along with a purple heart tag with her name and phone number. Unfortunately the choker was too small and is being exchanged tomorrow. Although I'm not sure if it is visible in the photos, I painted her nails pink frost to match her choker. She is so agreeable and just lets you do as you wish.
We are enjoying her and she seems to be enjoying us. She is living the life of a princess and soaking it up.
Enjoy the photos and I'll be sure to keep in touch with her progress and photos.
Thanks for everything.
Floellen and Dan and Juliet

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