Kale & Spicey's Forever Home Update

Kale & Spicey's
Forever Home

April 20, 2014
Happy Easter! Both girls are doing great! All dogs (and Keith and I ) slept really well last night at an Ohio rest stop. We didn't get up until 9am. Spicey and Kale played together a bit on the sofa after eating their breakfast. Definitely love to eat! We have been holding them a lot. They shake a little at first but quickly calm down. One of them pushed their head tightly into my neck and cuddled sweetly last night. I am so very happy with my twins! Definitely good they have different colored halters so we know who is who :-) Was so nice getting to spend a little time with all of you.
Love to all,
Melanie, Keith and the girls xoxo

April 22, 2014
Good morning Jan. I am in Heaven with my new babies! :-) I could not love them more! They are still nervous and shy but are doing really well. They already have started to follow me all over the house. Kale is nosey; always wants to see what Keith, the other dogs and I are doing. Even when she is so tired she can hardly keep her eyes open :-) Spicey is my little snuggler. When I hold her up over my shoulder while watching TV she pushes her little head tightly into my neck. The girls are always together. I definitely think it is good that they were not seperated. I think that would have been very, very hard on them. They love each other so much! They watch what the other dogs do and follow them around. One of the babies watched Sweetie Pie pee on a pee pad and went over and peed too :-) When they are in a dog bed and I get down on the floor to pet them and give them kisses Kale pushes her head into the corner of the bed hiding her little face. I think she thinks if she can't see me I can't see her :-) They shiver with nervousness sometimes when I first get close and start petting them but are soon rolling on their side and lift their leg a bit for a belly rub. So cute! They gobble their own food, lick each others empty dishes then try to eat the other dogs food. Poor Twinkles and Cupcake like to eat their food slowly; savoring it but all the other dogs then try to get their little snouts in and steal what they have left. I don't know how you keep all your pupsters from stealing each others food but I must keep a close eye on mine. Spicey and Kale watch what the other dogs do and follow right along just like little kids with older siblings. All the pups have been letting Mommy and Daddy sleep until our alarm goes off in the morning :-) I had to work yesterday but went home at lunch time to check on the "Twins" as I call them. Everyone was fine. It is still difficult to tell them apart especially since we took their harnesses off. We took them off at bedtime on Sunday night. I had trouble getting them off their heads. Had to carefully push one ear thru then the other. Pushed extra hair thru and was finally was able to get them off. I now have them wearing collars so I can put them on leashes when we are outside on the deck. The collars are different colors but with their hair covering a good portion of the collar it is hard to tell which pup is which. Spicey does not like the leash. Bites it every time it is on. She makes me laugh! They do not like when I try to move them where I want them to go but do fine when I follow them around deck to where they want to go. They already are getting Mommy trained :-) We have the stairs to the second floor blocked with a gate. Tonight I plan to see if they are able to go up and down the steps. Maggie has no problems even with her bad back legs but she is a slightly bigger girl. Spicey and Kale had no problem going up and down the small doggie steps to get on the sofa in the RV but the big steps make me nervous. I will be keeping a close eye on them! The next time one of my sons stop by to visit I want to have them take a new family picture. I will send it to you.
Love you all! Melanie

May 1, 2014
Hi Jan,
The dogs were just zipping around playing so cute. The minute I grabbed my phone to get a few pictures they all stopped playing to watch what I was doing. All dogs are doing great! We love them SO much! Tonight is bath night. I'm pretty sure they will all be Daddy's girls by the time I'm finished washing them.
Love, Melanie

May 4, 2014
The "Twins" with sister Maggie in the middle waiting patiently to help mommy put clean sheets on the bed. I came upstairs to hang up laundry and the next think I know 5 of the pups are upstairs with me :-) I LOVE all of my babies SO much!
Hope all good with you!

May 16, 2014
Dear Jan,
I hope all is good with you, your family and the Pupsters. We are all doing well here in PA. All the dogs are doing great! The "twins" are so cute and playful. I couldn't be happier with them! They already have several nicknames. Big Girl & Little Girl, MiniMouse & Black Tail, Snuggles and Cuddles plus others. They are still nervous when people visit us but are fine with Keith and I. We hope you had a great Mother's Day. I'm sure the pups were all on their BEST behavior so you could have a nice day :-) I got to spend the morning relaxing with my dog babies then my two sons and their girlfriends took Keith and I out for dinner. Both boys also got me a card and flowers. I see Tacker is now listed as pending. He is a real cutie. We still have not been able to get a new family picture taken. Seems every time my boys stop by to visit Keith and I are in out old work clothes and look too grungy for picture taking.
X's and O's from the whole Kreider Klan

June 12, 2014
Hi Jan,
Just a quick "Hello". All the girls are doing great! The twins are perfect! Kale is still a little bit shy but not Spicey. She is a little wild child now. Her favorite things are being held, playing with Sweetie Pie, Twinkles and Kale and woofing down her Raw. She also loves to shred paper. Especially the newspapers I put down for the pups to pee on. Maggie and Kale also are "shredders" :-) They can make quite a mess in a short time. Spicey has become a "Daddy's girl". I will attach a picture I took tonight of her relaxing on Daddy's lap. So relaxed her head is flopping over :-) Kale is more laid back. She gives the best kisses. She also LOVES her RAW! She is a Momma's girl. Follows me all over the house. Today is my precious Mellie's 9th birthday. I have attached a photo I took of her tonight. She was resisting my attempts to get s good picture. She is the doggie love of my life! She is the BEST dog! SO cute! She can do no wrong. My little Princess! Hope all is good with you all!
Love, Melanie

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