Kindra's Forever Home Update

February 2, 2006
Hi Auntie Judy & Auntie Jan:
Mom is telecommuting today so she is helping me send you this email. I just wanted to let you know things are really going great here at my new home. Yesterday I walked over to the back door and was hopping around to let mom know I had to go outside. I sat like a good girl so she could put on my leash. Mom opened up the back door and I walked down the three steps and went potty on the grass like a big girl. Suddenly the wind blew and I started chasing leaves. They don’t have much taste and mom let me know I shouldn’t chew on them.
Back in the house I went and after mom closed the back door I sat like a good girl so she could take my leash off. She was so proud! I also followed her into the kitchen a she gave me a cookie for doing such a good job. It was one of those yummie chicken ones you sent home with us. I really like those. Hillary is not hissing at me as much but mom watches her like a hawk. Dad held her while mom had me and last night I gave her a kiss! She was okay with that and sat down on the sofa by us. Mom said to give her time and she will come around. She said she was the same way when Max was a puppy.
It is very grey here today and I miss the warm sunshine. Last night though there was no stopping me! I was playing with two nillabones and two tugs at once. It just couldn’t make up my mind. Mom said once my medicine is done, I have to go back to the vet for my booster shot. She knows I am brave. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and let you know how wonderful I am doing. I miss you both and all the pupsters. Please give everyone a hug and an extra special hug to Phoebe, Dexter, and Lucy.
Oh, mom says hi too! She is sending you a picture of me sitting on her lap while typing. Well, I am off to a nap. Yikes…Mom is really camera happy!

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