Left Alone to Grieve

I was a devoted companion for years,
And suddenly the end of my loving friendís life was drawing near.

I had given my heart and my soul to my beloved friend,
The thought of losing him brought fear in my heart to no end.

Suddenly he was gone and I felt so alone,
Who was going to make sure I had my favorite bone?

As I watched the family grieve for my beloved one,
They didnít even notice my tears for my dear friend that was gone.

After a few weeks passed they said,
We donít have time in our lives to care for an old dog that just lays curled up in his bed.

Thank goodness someone told the family about rescue and they reached out,
They then found out what the rescue angels were all about.

I found love and companionship once again,
And I was surrounded by love, cuddles and kisses until the very end.

By Jan Collins © 5-10-06
Our sweet Nicki, know that you will remain in our hearts forever and thank you for blessing us with your sweet poo poo kisses until you quietly left us to romp and play with all of your friends.

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