Libby's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

March 30, 2016
Slept well in the big bed. I'm just checking out my lower bed. I am getting adjusted. Everyone loves me. I like my food you gave me so we are sticking with it. Hard to believe I eat so little. I follow Fred around everywhere. We all laugh. Miss you but don't worry. I'm having fun and exploring everywhere and everything. Thanks for taking such good care of me.
Miss Ya,

March 31, 2016
We went for a nice walk today. Boy am I fast but I stay real close to my new mom. She says I am quite the lady. I haven't barked yet. I like all the beds around the house. I think there are like 7 for the two of us. Each one is different. I kind of like the little green one in the kitchen. It is a donut with lots of my girlie toys in it. I'm getting a little spoiled but I'm still very much a lady so don't worry mom. They really love me here. I'm doing the little prance you like. Hard to catch on a phone but you get the idea. Miss you mom but having a really good time. Buster seems to like me to. I'm keeping him on his toes. He is so tired at night he is really snoring while I'm as quite as a mouse. That's all for now. I'll write again soon.
Love to all!

April 1, 2016
I'm having a great time! The stairs are easy and fun. You know me, I love to hop around and I'm so fast. I'm such a quick learner. The new schedule seems so easy. And I haven't had one accident! You trained me so well. Thanks mom! I miss you all but I'm adjusting well. I am sharing well with Buster. He is a good sharer. I'll write again soon. Don't worry about me.

April 2, 2016
Having a great day. Last night I slept on Marcey's lap. We all loved it. I had a little accident today but guess what, mom, it was not a big deal. They think I am such a good girl and such a pleasure, everything will work out fine. I am so loved. You were right when I dance and put my hands together I have them wrapped around my finger. I love Fred the most. They call me his shadow. Wherever he goes, I go. I am such a lady. Thanks so much mom for saving me and finding me people who love me. I think I'll stay but I do miss you and everyone. Maybe you could come visit me? I have so many beds we have plenty for everyone. And I run around he backyard it is so nice. When we walk I just stay close to mom because I don't quite get why we do it. But it's ok with me. Have a great day mom. Know I'm thinking of you.
Hugs and kisses,
Your Libby Dibby

April 6, 2016
Guess what? We went to the vet yesterday for Buster. He has a tooth problem. I was so scared. I was shaking so marcey held me the whole time. He has to go in for a dental on Friday. Then they went away and only petted me. I was scared for nothing! Afterwards I went up to him to make sure and he was sure you are just a wonderful girl and I didn't need anything. Whew! I am such a comfort to everyone. They all love me and I'm very happy here. No accidents except for that one little one that no one is counting. Thanks for everything mom!! You did such a great job! Love you and think of you a million times a day. But don't worry about me. I've launched. I am such a good girl. Everyone is so happy I am here every day.

April 8, 2016
Doing well. Buster is doing fine. Had some rotted roots and a cracked tooth. I feel so bad for him but he will heal soon. So glad I am here to calm him. He is so sweet and I am so good with him. Thanks for everything mom. You are an angel to have saved me and found me this home that loves me so. Have a great weekend! Say hi to everyone for me!

April 23, 2016
What a fun morning I had! There were rabbits in the backyard! I was so excited to meet them! They were scared and ran away but I tried to play with them. I tried to tell them not to run but they couldn't help it. I understand because sometimes I am shy with new people. I was very shy with ally who just came home from Boston for a long weekend. Then she fed me some treats and we are old friends. She even wants to take me back to Boston with her but my new mom said no, I'm home here. I just got my hair cut by their fun groomer Jessica who comes to their house. At first I was scared to but Jessica told my new mom to pass me to her backwards so I only see Marcey. It worked really well. I am such a good girl mom! You did such a great job. I am so happy here and they all love me so. Thanks for everything! My love to you and all my friends. I hope they all find great homes like mine. Love,
Your Libby Dibby.

April 29, 2016
Hope you are having a great day! Poor Buster has trouble with his lungs again. He is on more medicine. I am such a good friend. I stay with him and keep him company. Everyone here love me so, mom. They love to pick me up and kiss me, and hug me, and rub my tummy. Life is tough. I am such a good girl they just keep telling me. All thanks to you mom. Thinking of you and sending you my love.
Say hi to all my friends.

May 6, 2016
Hope you are having a great day! Buster is feeling better but the doctor says it is probably a chronic condition and he may need to be on meds permanently. No biggy. I'm doing great! I'm happy, tail is wagging. Life is good. I'm such a good girl. They love me so and I love it here. Miss you though. I have so much love. They call me the Libs and Libby Dibby. Sending you lots of love mom. Thanks for all that you do. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.
You are an angel on earth.

June 29, 2016
Just lounging around with Mom and Buster. We are enjoying this beautiful day. I am getting so good Mommy Jan. I hardly am afraid of strangers anymore. We go walking twice a day and we meet lots of people and dogs and I'm getting comfortable. Everyone is so nice and just wants to meet me and pet me. Mom says every day how much she loves me and is so happy I'm part of the family. It does feel like home Mommy Jan. I miss you a lot but what can I do? They need me here. Sending my love to you and all the pups. I hope they all find good homes and help you all day long.

August 10, 2016
Fell asleep looking at the olympics. I don't know who is more contented, Mom or me. Thanks so much for letting me come here. They love me so much. Hope all is well with you. Hope you and the pups are cool.
Love you with all my heart,
Your Libby

February 24, 2017
All is well here. Having a sleepy afternoon with buster. Big storm last night but I didn't mind at all. I snuggled with fred and buster and no one minded at all. I snuggle with Mom during the day. Night time is for Dad. Snug as a bug in a rug.
Thinking of you and sending you lots of love,
Your Libby Dibby

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