London's Forever Home Update

March 5, 2006
Auntie Jan and Auntie Val,
Mom thought I should show you my new "do." She decided my face should be shorter so she can keep my eyes clean more easily. And since I'm missing my front bottom teeth, when I drink water, some of it just dribbles right back out into my chin. Now that my hair is short there, it doesn't look so bad. I used to come away from my water dish all wet and now I don't.
And we're keeping my body cut short. I don't have normal poo hair. Mine sticks up all over and looks kinda sightly - Mom says I have 85,000 cowlicks, whatever those are.
I just love it here. I'm such a happy girl now. This is one of my favorite beds. Mom was washing the cover but that doesn't stop me from crawling in. Foam rubber is just fine with me!
I love you!
Miss London

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