Loved Briefly but Unconditionally

I am so thankful to all of you out there,
The ones that really truly care.

I was discarded because no one thought I was of any worth,
But suddenly these wonderful loving people stepped forth.

For two glorious months I was loved, cuddled and kissed.
And knew when I left this world I truly would be missed.

I fought very hard to stay here to enjoy my new life,
It just wasn't meant to be for my body had felt so much strife.

I am happy now, romping, playing and enjoying everyone here,
Knowing that my two months in loving arms was free from fear.

There will be others that will follow in my steps you see,
I can rest easy now knowing that there is hope for others just like me.

By Jan Collins © 9-15-04
Dedicated to all of the Daphne's in the world that only ask for a
little piece of our lives, a warm body to snuggle and our love and kisses.

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