Maggie's Forever Home Update

April 30, 2006
My little girl cracks me up! I know this story will probably lose something in the translation, but I have to share what happened yesterday.. Let me preface by saying there are funny commercials for California Cheese with the cows who talk.. There is one where the cows have a race and get distracted by the dandelions.. Anyway, what happened reminded me of that commercial.. I took Maggie out for a walk and as we are coming down the driveway to the front of the house Maggie started to run a little.. I turned my head to see why she was running and I saw there was a cat on the front lawn and Maggie was running straight for it. The cat froze when it saw Maggie.. then all of a sudden about a foot from the cat, little Miss Maggie just stopped! there were flowers that caught her attention and she stopped to sniff them! I am not even kidding.. The cat just stood there for a second and looked at her like, What the? I just laughed.. I could almost hear Maggie say "Oh! Flowers!" She is such a "lady"... very sophisticated and proper! She's so funny.. I guess you had to be there.. but it was a crack up!
Hope this email finds you well. We are doing great!
Take Care!

February 19, 2006
Hello Friends! Maggie and I just wanted to say Hello and let you know we are doing great! Little Miss Maggie has really come out of her shell.. I really wish you could see her now... She is so smart and much more confident.. She is such a good girl... She keeps us laughing all of the time.
Maggie sends her love and kisses!
All of our Best,
Mindi and Maggie

January 23, 2006
Hi Everyone!
Maggie loves to roll over for her belly rub!

December 17, 2005
Hello Friends..
I just came home from Dr. Tony's office with Maggie. She got a clean bill of health! He gave her the Bordetella shot and advised me not to get her groomed for another 2 weeks. He advised me to watch her sugar and salt because "toy" breeds are prone to Diabetes and Congestive Heart Failure. He also recommended a groomer for me because she needs good grooming. She was very good and handled it well. He has her shots on file so he can send me reminder cards. He also gave me a six month supply of Heart guard and when I go back in the spring for more heart guard he will give her the Front Line for the spring (he doesn't feel she needs it now).
So everything is good and I just wanted to let you know. Have a great day!

December 14, 2005
Hello Friends....
I look at my little girl and I wonder how anyone could abuse or neglect anything so sweet.. It makes me SICK to even think about it for a second. I am so happy to hear her sister is doing well.. and I PRAY for her brothers.. I wish I could find them a home... I love my little girl so very much and her happiness means everything to me. I'm so happy we found each other, and she is in a good home with lots and lots of love. I don't know if you ever travel to the East coast, but if you ever find yourself in New Jersey we would love for you to come over! You are amazing people to do what you do.. God Bless you all. And I'm glad you don't mind all of my little stories... Like I said, I can talk about her for hours.. Have a great day.

December 13, 2005
Hi Jan!
I just wanted to let you know things are going really good. People keep saying to me how I'm still on cloud 9... I will always be on cloud 9 having this little girl in my life. She is so sweet, smart and wonderful! I really can talk for hours about her.. Every day I have a new story about something really cute that she did that made me and my family laugh. We had snow the other day.. about 4 or 5 inches.. I was so worried about her going out in it but she was fine! Of course you couldn't tell where the snow ended and Maggie began, but she was having fun with it. I took her out to Petsmart on Saturday to buy dog food and treats so I put on her pretty blue snowman sweater! She looked beautiful and she new it! She was very proud. But when we got to the store and she saw how many people and dogs were walking around all she wanted was to be in my arms, she didn't care about showing everyone how beautiful she is! She is so funny.. me and my family will just sit there and watch her and she keeps us laughing. My parents and I were sitting at the dinner table (Maggie usually lays on the couch while we eat) and my brother wasn't home so there was an empty chair at the table.. well, next thing we know, Miss Maggie Mae jumped up on the chair and sat down! It was hysterical! She wasn't looking for food because we don't feed her from the table, she was just looking to be part of the conversation. And my little girl must love when I whisper in her ear (which I do all of the time telling her how sweet and wonderful she is) so whenever I pick her up now she will put her ear to my face so I will whisper in her ear!
We are all very happy and feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful little girl in our lives. I can't thank you enough.
Talk to you soon!
Mindi, Maggie and Family!

December 7, 2005
Maggie says Hello and she sends her Love! :o)
I really could go on for hours about how sweet and wonderful she is! Every day she gets more and more comfortable (and I feel) she feels safe and secure. She knows now that this is her home and we are her family. She is so smart and really understands what we tell her. We all love her very much and she spends time with all of us cuddling and getting her belly rubs (which she loves).. but I'M the Mommy.. I'm the one she waits for and wants to be with, and I'm totally in love with her! I really am a corny, but a PROUD Mommy.. I talk about her and show her picture to anyone who stops to talk to me. I sent you a picture card (thru snail mail) I hope you receive it soon!
We just wanted to say Hi and let you know things are great! Hope you are doing well.
Best regards,
Maggie and Family
p.s., I thought this was so cute... When I first brought Maggie home I showed her the basket with her toys.. she really didn't have much interest at first.. Well, the other day she "redecorated" and took her toys out and put them around the house! There is a fuzzy donut in my room a fuzzy hamburger in my parents room and she keeps her fuzzy bone on the living room couch! She really is so cute!

December 4, 2005
Hello Friends!
I just wanted to let you know that Maggie "Meg" is doing really well. She is SO GOOD! She is very smart, sweet and loving and she is very attached to me. Wherever I go, she is there and I LOVE the attention! She is eating good, she has been going to the bathroom with no problem... well, she had a small issue this morning in the snow.. but it all worked out! She is always wagging her tail and rolling on her back for a tummy rub, it's so cute. Yesterday my Mom and I took her to Petsmart and she sat with Santa for a picture. Santa didn't look so great but my baby is beautiful! I will try to scan that picture in so you can see. My friend and I took some pictures of her Friday for the Christmas card.. I will get them today and send them off to you all. She sleeps in bed with me... I have a sweatshirt that she loves to curl up in. (that is where she is right now, sleeping on my bed curled up on the sweatshirt).
Every time I look at her I wonder how anyone could have abused or neglected her... God Bless you for saving her, and all of the other babies you have and will save! We are all so happy, and I'm totally in love with her. It's like she has always been here. I probably could go on and on about all of the cute things she did this weekend.. I think it has been an easy adjustment for her.. She is so smart and I explain things to her and I believe she understands.. for example, when I go to the bathroom she would whimper a little for me until I came out.. but I explained to her that I have to keep the door closed but I will be back and now she just lays on my bed and waits patiently! Like I said, I could brag for hours about how wonderful she is!
Thank you again! I couldn't be happier! Have a great day.

December 2, 2005
I just wanted you to know, that I have been with Maggie "Meg" for about 4 hours now and she is very relaxed and comfortable. I took her around work and introduced her to all of my friends and she stayed nice in my arms. We drove home and she was perfect in my Jeep. When we got in the house I showed her around and her tail was wagging and she was very happy exploring all of the rooms. We went out again and I brought her to my Mom's job and then to my Dad's job. She wasn't scared or shaking at all around all of the people she was meeting, she seemed very happy! As we drove home I put on a Christmas CD and I would swear she was laughing at me as I sang to her! She is sleeping now on my bed while I am working on the computer.. I guess I wore her out, so I am going to let her rest until we go out later. She still has to meet a few more family members later. Oh, and she even ate half of a doggie bone that Kathy gave me.
I will keep you updated on has she is adjusting!
Have a great day.

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