Maui's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

February 21, 2016
Hi Jan,
We got home about 6:00. Maui did great on the trip. The first picture she was watching dad pump gas, and the second picture she finally laid her head down in Indianapolis. She ate her food with gusto like you said she would and then checked Willow's bowl to see what she left. She went outside and really checked out the yard and did lots of business. We will keep you posted of her progress this week. Her tail is up and she is prancing around like a show pony. Rest assured that she is going to be one spoiled lady, as she should be. Thanks for choosing us to continue raising this beautiful girl.
Tom and Tricia

February 22, 2016
Thought I would write a little note on Maui today. She slept in the bed with us and Willow last night and got a much deserved rest for about 8 hours. I have attached a picture of her resting on the couch this evening. We usually have to put her up on the couch so she will rest. If she's on the floor she can't seem to lay down and sleep, she just walks the floor. I think she is so happy to get on the couch for a nap!
We have had several potty accidents but we expect that. She potties and potties when we take her outside, so we are making sure to get her out frequently. The biggest challenge is the steps leading to and from the yard. I'm not sure she has seen steps before. We got her to do two just a bit ago. We are giving her much praise for her great improvements and we know she is trying. She trusts us a little more tonight than she did this morning so we see progress every minute of the day.
Rest assured she is loved and happy. She did get up on her back legs and begged for her treat today. So precious. We will write with a report in a day or two. I think each day will bring her to know she is in a home that just wants to love her and make each of her days wonderful and safe. Love seeing those babies finding their forever homes!

February 25, 2016
Attached are a couple of pictures of Maui relaxing on the couch. She and Woodstock are watching TV and one she is in a total relaxation mode. I wanted to let you know she is doing well. Still working on the trust issues but she gets better each day. You can tell she wants to play, but she can't get there yet. She did finally present her little belly for me to rub yesterday. She cuddles so sweetly at night between Tom and me and sleeps really great through the night. We will touch base with you in a few days with more Maui updates and antics. She sends sweet kisses to you and Bruce!!

February 29, 2016
Thought I would give you an update on little Maui. She is making good progress with her trust issues. She does loves her "mom" and doesn't like for me to get out of her sight. She is playing with her toys more each day and she barked for the first time Saturday night. It was so funny.....scared us and scared her!! She looks forward to every meal and loves to get the treats after she has gone outside to potty. She is the sweetest thing and has been a great addition to our family. We will keep you posted on her progress. She sends kisses your way.

March 18, 2016
Hi Jan,
Wanted to send you a quick update on the baby. She is doing so well. She has made major strides on her potty training. She is still skittish; not so much with me since I have bonded with her everyday, but still very cautious around Tom and visitors, but you can see the trust slowly building. She loves Willow and they are getting along wonderfully. Willow has been a great big sister. Just wanted you to know everything is going well and Maui is settling into her forever home.

May 15, 2016
Hi Jan
Maui wanted to send a special "Hi" and kisses to all the pups. As you can see she is getting so fluffy and more beautiful than ever. She is so cute when around 7:00 p.m. arrives she is ready to jump on the couch and crash. She was so precious the other night lying on her back and completely out of it. She gets in the sweetest positions before bedtime and I get to scoop her up and take her to bed. She still is wary, but she has made tremendous progress. I am glad I just retired and can spend a lot of time with her. She needed that time. She is very protective of her big sister and they get along great. She is such a precious little girl and has her own special personality. She loves flying up and down the back yard with such abandon and freedom, and sometimes no control (ha!), but she loves it. Thanks again for picking us to raise her. She has been a joy!!
Tricia, Tom, Willow, and Maui

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