Mora's Forever Home Update

February 4, 2005
Mora has been with us for more than a year, nearly two. She fits in perfectly with our pack and with our family. She¹s great with our granddaughters, plays with us and with some of the dogs, and loves to roll on us when we get home from work. We¹re not sure if she¹s saying she missed us or if she wants to claim that we belong to her, but it¹s darling nonetheless. We¹ve helped her out with her fear of slippery floors by buying several new rugs so she can get around the house better. Her nickname is Mora-dorable, since she is so adorable. She¹s a happy girl and lets us know how important we are to her in so many strange and sweet ways.
Working with you was a pleasure, Jan. Being able to get to know Mora through you was what made Mora¹s adoption go so smoothly and made it permanent. We love her dearly.

August 9, 2004
Mora is doing very well. She’s still finding her place in the pack but has come so far since last May when she came to live with us. One of her favorite things to do is to run with the other dogs along our fence in the back yard. She tries hard to keep up. It’s so cute to watch her run. She’s still very skittish in the house on the slippery floors. Her knees aren’t so bad they need surgery yet, and we keep a close eye on them with the vet.
Jan, she’s such a snuggler. This morning she woke me up at 3 a.m. tunneling through the back of my pajama top and popping out through the neck opening behind my head. I couldn’t stop laughing and if my husband hadn’t been there, I don’t know what I would’ve done. He pulled her out carefully and she snuggled up between us. I’m still chuckling about it.
Thanks again for all your good work. I’m sending you a donation this week, just a small one. My husband is going back to work in a couple of weeks, so I feel like I can spare it.

June 3, 2004
Thanks for the update. Mora is doing very well. Her knees seems to be getting a little stronger and aren’t popping out as much (patellar luxation). She’s a great dane in a minpin body. See photos attached. As you can see, she enjoys reading the Sunday paper every week.
Keep up the good work.

April 6, 2004
Mora is doing very well. Nothing new to report except that we love her more every day.

January 4, 2004
Hi Jan,
Thanks for the lovely Christmas note with all the pictures of your rescue dogs, including our little Mora.
She is doing very well. We call her our little "black growler" since she makes this darling little growl-bark when she's really excited and does a little dance at the same time. She still hates our slippery bare floors so we're adding snuggle beds and a few more throw rugs around in addition to our room area rugs. That makes her feel more secure. She is finding her place in our pack and has formed a closer relationship with Spike, our rat terrier and the alpha male. She likes him but when he tries to play with her, which is quite an honor, she isn't sure if she should be happy or scared.
Her knee problem is still there but doesn't seem to be any worse. It doesn't cause her too much trouble yet, thank heaven. She is a doll and we love her so much.
Happy new year and keep up the good work you're doing.

September 29, 2003
We’re all doing well. Thanks.
Mora is a little doll. She’s made friends with Spike and that’s not an easy task. They were playing a game of chase the other day and it was so cute. Spike would run and because he’s so much faster than Mora, he would wait for her to catch up. Mora was so happy. She’s started to lift up in the air now when she spins in a circle when she’s excited. She still hates the slippery floors but her knees seem to be holding out.
Hoping all is well with you and the crew.

July 28, 2003
By the way, Mora is doing well. Her knees are the same, so far so good. They pop out every now and then but go back right away. Sometimes, when she overdoes it running in the yard, she limps a bit. The vet showed me how to pop them back in if need be. She's adjusting to the slippery floors a bit more. She's still very shy with everyone but us. She seems very happy. We love her so much.
Jan, did you ever get any more background info on her from the person who released her to you. I'll take some pictures of her running around the yard with her brothers and sister soon and send them to you.

July 3, 2003
Thanks again for your update. Again, Jan, I’m so sorry for your loss of little Sophie. I have a good idea what you and your husband are going through. I should probably send Mora over to give you kisses for an afternoon. ;)
Jan, she’s the sweetest little thing. I love her so much. I’ve been careful to not involve her back legs much whenever I pick her up lately and I haven’t heard or felt the kneecaps popping around. I’m hoping she’ll strengthen her muscles in her hind legs by running and walking so it will help her condition. She’s still putting on weight but I think she’s at her prime weight now so we’ll watch her amounts of food more closely. She was playing with Spike a bit today, which means she’s become friends with everyone.

June 9, 2003
Mora is doing so well Jan. She still doesn’t like the bare floors but walks on them carefully when necessary. She’s getting very playful with us and with the other dogs. She’s eating well, has gained a little weight, and looks beautiful, as usual. She loves playing outside and running with the pack in the “big yard.” I’ve got some pictures, but have to get them scanned and will send to you.
She did the funniest thing this weekend. I was planting flowers in flower boxes and planters and she was watching me very carefully. I had cleared out a large triangular-shaped planter and was figuring out which flowers to put in it when I looked up and noticed her digging like crazy in the planter. Black dirt was flying everywhere. I couldn’t stop laughing and suddenly she started wiggling like a little worm in the dirt. It was such a sight!!
I keep wondering and wondering why her first family didn’t keep her. She’s perfect!!

May 30, 2003
Thanks Jan for the update. I’m at work right and guess who is curled up on my lap? I brought Mora in to show her off just for the afternoon since it’s Friday and not much is happening here. I’ve got lots of proof reading to do. She’s a little uncomfortable here with everything being new, but my co-workers have enjoyed meeting her. Some of the students fell in love with her.
Mora is adjusting beautifully to her new home. She is starting to play with dog toys now, especially a tiny stuffed bone that I bought just for her. She’s beginning to adjust to the slippery bare floors too.
Wishing you the best.

May 24, 2003
Mora met our daughter's rat terrier yesterday and today they are best friends. Suzy, the rat, is quite high strung and very assertive and we were worried about how Mora would handle her, but she showed Suzy a bit of her "attitude" and they became fast friends. Mora is still hopping from rug to dog bed to rug to stay off the bare floors. Hoping she adjusts to them soon. Oh, did you know she loves to roll in rotten grass clippings? She watched Suzy rolling in them and had to follow suit. Probably a peer pressure thing. ;) Needless to say, they both got baths.
By the way, Mora and Shadow are even playing together now. When Shadow gets a little too rough, Mora rolls over on her back and Shadow stops instantly. Then Mora jumps up and starts gnawing on Shadows tummy or her ankles.She's starting to gain a little weight already. Hoping all is well with you.

May 20, 2003
Just wanted you to know Mora is adjusting so well. She absolutely LOVES to play out in the big yard with her brothers. I don't let her out there with Shadow, the cocker mix, since she's so big and tends to get pretty physical when she plays "chase." But she took turns playing with each of the three little boys, Spike, Cashew and Poppy. Our little granddaughter Kate loves her, but doesn't handle her, don't worry. She just talks to her and pets her gently and Mora presents her with little kisses.
Mora is eating well, sleeping well and drinking well. She's a jewel. She's beginning to adjust to the slippery non-carpeted floors that is when she forgets about them. She got so much exercise today while I was outside doing some gardening that she ate two suppers. I think she's hoping for a third one, but we're going to bed now. I'm afraid we're spoiling her a bit.
Oh, by the way, she's stolen my husband's heart as well. He's out of town right now and when he calls home the first thing he says is "How's Mora doing?" And my mother has fallen in with the rest of us, she comes over every day to see Mora.
Keep up the good work.

May 17, 2003
Mora tried to play a little with our minpin Cashew this morning. So cute. But her play was so mild, he wasn't even aware of it. Thanks for the reassurance about the bare floors. No prancing yet but I'm sure that will come soon.

May 16, 2003
I am happy to report I got several sweet kisses on my nose this morning from Mora. She had a good night. Slept in between Rich and I most of the night on top of the covers. She did whimper for a couple of hours for you after you left, even howled three or four times. Nearly made me cry. I held her on my lap, brought her for a little walk, and that helped. She didn’t eat her breakfast yet, but she’s drinking and going potty outside just fine.
I gathered a stool sample and my vet is squeezing her in at 2 today. I’ll let you know how that goes. Thanks for checking.

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