I was abused by my owners, lost one eye and my sight,
How could anyone be so cruel, it just wasn’t right.

But I was not ready to give up on life by the way,
I avoided my abusers as best I could night and day.

I began to plant this beautiful garden within my mind,
My garden exploded with colorful flowers that no one else would ever find.

I continued to fertilize my special garden with hope no matter my fears,
The garden flourished by being watered by my sad and streaming tears.

I knew if I continued to have faith there would be,
Someone who would discover my special garden and me.

When my special garden was exploding in full bloom,
My rescue angel appeared suddenly right in my room.

She opened her arms and held me close to her heart,
And I knew at that moment we would never part.

As the days passed and I was loved unconditionally,
My special garden began to fade away in my memory.

But, another special garden was planted with Mom and me together,
We planted each flower side by side and this garden was so much better.

The flowers burst forth in all of their glory and were magnificent,
For this garden was watered with happy tears full of joy and contentment.

Mom, I am planting a garden here at the bridge for the two of us,
This will be the most magnificent garden yet for that is a must.

When you cross the bridge, hold me close once again and look into my eyes that can see,
We will walk through our special garden together filled with happiness and glee.

By Jan Collins© 11-3-07
Carmella, every time I plant a flower I know you will be right there beside me as you always were. I will not be able to hold you and see you, but your spirit will always be with me. I miss your sweet kisses, your beautiful face, wagging tail, but most of all your love for life no matter the adversity. Until I can join you sweet Carmella, please keep our garden watered with love.

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