My True Rescue Friend

So many of us search and search and search,
For that very special friend upon this earth.

We open our hearts and soul to our new friend,
Only to find they are not true to the very end.

We become angry, frustrated and bitter,
And our heart will not allow anyone to enter.

Suddenly our lives are filled with so many dogs in need there doesn't seem to be an end,
Our only goal in life now is to help these babies become healthy, whole and mend.

Helping heal their bodies & souls, that is our only goal,
We realize at the same time they are helping us become whole.

As they gaze up at us with trusting eyes,
They tell us, 'You know you should give this a try.'

So we soften and reach out for a new friend,
Opening our hearts wide once again.

Our babies keep telling us there is someone out there,
A person we can trust who will truly care.

'You have given us so much.' they say,
It is our turn to help you find your way.

Our lives are now overflowing with love and full to the brim,
We have our dogs in our lives and now our true rescue friend.

Dedicated to Jennifer Boyd, a kind, loving, compassionate woman and most of all my "True Rescue Friend".
© by Jan Collins Nov. 1, 2005

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