Never Give Up

As I sit here on my Mother's lap for one last time getting my belly rubbed,
I look back on my life and feel so fortunate to now truly be so loved.

I entered this world trusting, loving and sweet,
And continued to adore my master as I lay at his feet.

Suddenly my life was turned upside down and now I had a lesson to learn.
What had I done to deserve to be abandoned with no where to turn?

Actually I had done nothing, but grown old and a bit frail,
My master obviously felt that this was too much work for him to entail.

So he threw me out into the world and onto the streets,
I know God will dole out the proper punishment for his awful deeds.

But I was stronger than what he thought I was and continued to know,
That there was someone out here that would make my life whole.

It is amazing what true love can do for us,
We heal, we thrive and again we can trust.

Mom and Dad know that I am happy now and pain free,
Please continue to help more babies, as a special favor just for me.

By Jan Collins © 10-12-05
In Memory of the sweet Belinda's of the world, that are so gentle, kind and loving. We miss your soft kisses and your warm body snuggled up next to us.

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