Our Most Precious Jewel

I came into rescue in April of 2003,
I had been dumped at a shelter because no one wanted me.

I was given the name Onyx for I was told I was a jewel that shown bright,
And Mom and Dad told me everything would be alright.

For you see I didn't feel very pretty since birth,
And thought no one else would consider me of much worth.

As time went by and I was surrounded by love,
I realized that God had been watching from above.

He made sure that I had found what I thought I would never see,
A warm home, lots of cuddles and humans that truly loved me.

As time passed and not one application did the rescue receive,
I was surrounded by so much love it was difficult for me to perceive.

I continued to be showered with love and was constantly kissed and cuddled,
Mom and Dad just couldn?t understand why no one wanted me and were very befuddled.

Mom and Dad told me I was still their special jewel and continued to shower kisses on my beautiful face,
I sent prayers out to God every night, please let me stay in this wonderful place.

I woke up this morning not feeling well and could feel it in every pore,
I only wanted to feel Mom and Dad's loving arms surround me and nothing more.

I said goodbye to my wonderful home and left for Rainbow Bridge in April 2004,
Happy and contented knowing that I had been admired and loved as never before.

So please Mom and Dad do not feel that you didn't do enough and feel sadness for me,
You gave me a year of companionship and love and I thank you for setting me free.
By Jan Collins © 4-3-04
In memory of the Senior babies that have so much to give, but are not recognized for their worth.

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