Our Special Gift from God

Oh God, it is so very dark in this box and I am so full of fear,
Please help me escape for there has to be someone who can help that is near.

My life hasnít been very good up until now,
But I am going to fight and get out of here somehow.

I am crying for help beneath all of this debris,
Oh thank you God, I hear someone coming to rescue me.

I know I am matted, crippled and blind,
But there must be someone that will love me and not mind.

I have heard that there is something called love out there,
So I am searching for those that will kiss me softly and truly care.

Ahhh, finally I have found what I have been searching for,
What a wonderful feeling to be so loved and adored.

My journey on this earth has come to a joyous end,
Surrounded in warmth by so many loved ones and friends.

By Jan Collins © 7-28-06
Thank you our sweet Briana for fighting to escape the horrors of your abuser. The joy of holding you close to us was a gift that we will cherish forever. Enjoy the sight of all around you, running free with no pain and know that we will be with you someday.

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