Our Sweet Teddy Bear

Oh, our sweet, sweet Teddy Bear,
To not have you with us seems so unfair.

How time passes at such a fast pace,
We so miss caressing your sweet, soft face.

We knew it was time for you to make your way,
To a much better place where you could play.

We feel so blessed to have had you here,
But life seems very empty without you near.

Rest assured little one that we will join you one day.
Godís light will guide us directly your way.

Sleep well, enjoy your new friends and life free of fear,
Until we meet again our sweet, sweet Teddy Bear.

By Jan Collins © 5-1-07
Dedicated to the soft gentle souls such as Wink that are abandoned without a second look back. To neglect babies such as our Wink is an unforgivable sin. We love you sweetie and thank you for filling our lives with such joy.

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