Polo's Forever Home Update

March 14, 2006
Hi Jan,
I finally got a chance to go out and look at the website. You have quite a full house again. Could you tell me if anyone is interested in Hillary? She could be Polo's sister.
Polo is doing well. He comes up with funny things to make us laugh every day. His favorite part of the day ( other thatn waiting for a treat before bed) is to go and wake up the boys. He LOVES to smother them with kisses.
Hope you are doing well. We thought that we had spring right around the corner and SUPRISE 12 inches of snow. Polo thinks that is the greatest stuff to play in. Hope to talk to you soon.

February 16, 2006
Hi Jan,
Sorry it has been so long since I have emailed. We are enjoying Polo so much. He has really become a part of the family. We joke because we say he can understand us.............it really isn't much of a joke because I think he understand everything!! He loves to take rides in the car and go for walks. He smiles the whole way. He has quite a personality.
A lady that works for Charvey knits scarves for dogs. She gave my husband (the Packer fan) a Packer scarf for Polo and when she found out I was a Viking fan she made a Viking scarf for him. I had to send these pictures to show you how sad he is in the Packer scarf and how smily he is in the Viking scarf. He even looks like he was laughing in the one!
Thank you again for such a wonderful baby. He brightens our days. His favorite time is when he gets to go downstairs and wake up the boys with a faceful of kisses. I will keep you posted with pictures.

December 16, 2005
Hi Jan,
I need to set up a vetting appointment for next week. We weren't able to get away this week.
Polo is totally spoiled. He has such a funny personality. It seems that we keep laughing all the time. We are getting use to his schedules and he to ours. He likes to go outside and sniff the bunny trails. Doesn't like that his leash limits his search for the wily rabbits!
I had picked up a sweater for him because he got cold when we went outside. We were trying it on and it was a 1 piece deal. Didn't work very well so we decided to take it off. Polo was very tolerant the whole time sitting nicely until I figured out it just wasn't going to work. After I took it off I had it in my hand and he looked at me with those beautiful big eyes then took that awful sweater out of my hand and threw it on the ground! I had to call Charvey at work and tell him that one. I was really laughing at him then.
I went to Hinckley yesterday to visit my parents and brought him with me. He does very well in the car. I stopped into the bank I used to work at to show him off. He was prancing around there with a HUGE smile on his face. Apparently he was enjoying all of that attention, and of course they had treats!
I have a couple of pics I will send. They are just of him but I will get some more taken soon with us in them. I see we made the website. Charvey still talks about all of the dogs. I think he would have stayed longer if we could have.
I'll keep you posted.

December 5, 2005
Good morning. Just wanted to let you know how everything is going. He is bonding very well. If I am out of sight he starts to whine. He gives the other family members their time too. I just need to be in the room.
He seems bored at sometimes but then will get a spurt of energy and want to play. He came to work with me today. He is napping behind me in my chair. Didn't care that I brought his bed. He is doing good with going potty outside. We have been taking him out every so often. Hasn't quite gotten the pooping outside down yet. We're working on it. He also doesn't like the stairs to get to the front door. We are working on those as well. For now he gets spoiled and carried! As I said, his nickname is Prince Polo! He is eating and drinking well and loves the car. He is NOT fond of the cold weather though. I is supposed to warm up alittle in the next week.
I will continue to keep you posted. He is a beautiful addition to our family and he has already stolen our hearts!
Thank you Jan,

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