Princess's Forever Home Update

September 26, 2005
Hi Aunt Jennifer, I had mommy send you some new pictures. I am sitting in one of my favorite chairs and the next two are my best. I am eating at the table and my daddy is feeding me. I am having some of daddy's roast beef- weeeee is it good.
Oh, mommy said to tell you I had a little scratch on my neck that I just would not leave along so mommy you a little bandage on it. It's better but she said I had to wear for a day or two. I wanted to scratch and she said NO. But look at my hair in the first two.
I am having so much fun. I hope you and the furbabies are having a good week.

September 19, 2005
Hi Aunt Jennifer,
This is my bed while mommy is at work.

September 18, 2005
Hi Jennifer,
Some new pic's of Princess. We have some hair. As you can see one of her favorite spots is my bed and her new favorite blanet is my nightgown. We just love her!
How is it coming with the New Orleans animals? We saw a special on the Houston SPCA - what a group.
Hugs to babies!
Art, Elaine and Princess

September 13, 2005
Hi Aunt Jennifer,
I went to see my doctor on Monday and he thought I was great! I kinda of like him but you know he is a doctor but all the people there just loved on me. My daddy brought me home, too and I got back in my big bed for a nap. Mommy said she saw my picture on the web site with daddy and her. My hair is coming back but it a little slow going in some spots. I can jump and play and I learned to get daddy out of bed to play with me in the morning after mommy leaves for work. We have such a good time. I will have mommy send you a picture very soon.
Hugs and Kisses
PS - Mommy said Hello!

September 4, 2005
Hi Miss Jennifer,
Mommy said you want to see where I live so mommy and I took these pictures. Let us know if they did not go through. Right now I am laying on the couch while mommy send these to you. My new home is in a small neighborhood that has a culsack anyways mommy said that there are no cars going through. I have some storm door on the front and back so daddy leaves the big door open and I can see out. They are lock all the time so no one can get in. I have a big back yard and woods behind the fence. Mommy said that I can't go out there but I can't get over the fence. there is a little dog next door names Dino we met this morning. I had a great ride home. My daddy had a cheeseburger and I helped him eat it. Wow was that good.
I am having fun and I went for a ride today too
I am going to have dinner so hugs and kisses from Savannah

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