Quincy's Forever Home Update

January 31, 2005
Jan: It's been a little while since I have sent you an update on my darling boy.
Attached you will find a picture of Quincy with his favorite toy.
He continues to bring us more joy than you can ever imagine. He is so sweet & just the best boy ever. He certainly does wear us out with all of his playing, but is also a constant source of amusement. He is so spunky & cute.
I think that he finally believes that he is with us forever, & I think that he likes that.
We have discovered that he loves to watch TV. He will sit & stare at the screen for an entire show. He especially like the Animal Channel & all of the dogs. He gets really excited & jumps up at the front of the TV screen, and when a dog runs off the screen, he runs in back of the TV looking for it. If the TV is off, he will sit in front of it & whine until we turn it on. What a silly boy he is!!!
We have deer in back of our house in the woods & he love to "hunt" deer. Ted takes him on walks through the woods & he racks the deer. At night, the deer will come up into our side yard & he has surprised then more than once when Ted has had him outside.
He is a happy & healthy boy, and we love him very much. Lately I have been trying to talk Ted into getting a "brother" for Quincy. He does not like the idea very much,,,but, I will keep working on it.
Hope all is well with you. I will write again soon.

January 11, 2005
My email has been down for awhile, so that is the reason you have not heard from me. Quincy is settling in with us nicely. Sometime I do not think he is sure of us, he looks at us so funny.
He certainly has a personality! He has taken ownership of our house. He has his own toy box & his favorite toys & sure does like to play.
His favorite thing is to jump into your lap & then fall over backwards for a tummy rub. What a clown!
We have not had any marking problems with him, but he seems to like pooping on the cement floor in the basement. Do you know if he was ever in a kennel with a cement run?
He has stopped gobbling his food when you put it in his dish & eats more leisurly, even leaving some in the dish for later.
He has made friends with our neighbors & thinks that he is the boss of the neighborhood. He likes to lay on the back of our loveseat, which is in the front window of our livingroom & growl at everyone who walks past. He barks at visitors, but as soon as they pet him, he settles down.
We are spoiling him badly, but you just can't help it, he is so adorable. Amber (our daughter) has taken some digital pictures & I will send them to you as soon as I can get her to download them for me.
I can't tell you how much all three (3) of us love Quincy. He has added so much joy to our lives. I will make a point of sending you updates & at least twice a month & pictures as we take them.
Thank you again for allowing Quincy to join our family, and bless you for the resue work you do!!!

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