Razzy's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

September 16, 2015
Hello Jan,
I hope you and all the pupsters are well. THE BAG AND QUILT are very nice. Razzy is doing very well. He is getting along fine with the cat. He enjoys the yard when it is sunny and dry -not so much when it is dark or wet though... He is sleeping all night and stays close between us. No accidents.!! So, he has the run of the house (minus the carpeted rooms) when we have to leave him for short periods, and on Wednesdays when I have to go into the office. On those days John comes home at noon. Razzy is working on leash training and he walks around the cul-de-sac with intermittent nudges on the harness. He is an adorable pupster and we are very happy with him. He immediately rolled all over his blue doggie quilt that arrived today. I thought you might want a pic of him enjoying his blankie.

September 23, 2015
Hi Jan,
Here's Razzy... He is a really a handsome pupster in his doggy coat!! It is very nicely constructed-- very pleased with it. We were able to get his 4 month supply of OMA'S pride raw food from a representative in Seymour, Indiana this week. (The rep has Newfoundlands and she trains them at a facility in our town, so it will be easy to stay in touch with her.) We are all doing very well here as Razzy settles in. He is right next to us day and night. He let's me know when he needs to eat and go out. He moves me by nosing the back of my leg in the direction he wants me to go. Thanks for getting his gear so quickly. I enjoyed the post of the pups and me in the foster journal this month. I will continue to send updates.
Take care,
Marsha and John

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