Resident of Your Heart

Dumped at a shelter, so frightened, what was I to do?
People came and went but those that visited me were so few.

So a call was made to this place called a rescue you see,
And suddenly my Rescue Angel was there kissing and cuddling me.

As she held me very close she told me there was nothing to fear,
She whispered in my ear "How could anyone do this to you for you are so dear!"

As I settled in and all the love eased my mind,
The search began for a home we could find.

My Foster Mom held me in her arms closely one day and said with joy,
We think we've found the perfect home for you sweet boy.

The big day arrived and oh, I was so nervous and unsure,
That I would not be the perfect dog they deserved.

But they held me and cuddled me and exclaimed you are ours,
So home I went with my new Mom and Dad within a few hours.

I was meant as a companion for my Daddy but alas,
I fell head over heels in love with my Mom as time passed.

I was Mom's constant companion and when she felt down,
I would gently kiss away every wrinkle and frown.

Whenever Mom told me "I Love have won my heart",
I cooed like a baby to let her know I loved her truly and we would never part.

Mom you captured my heart like no other human has ever done,
And because of your love my life was full of laughter and fun.

I will keep my promise to you forever Mom..we shall never part,
Close your eyes, reach out and you will feel me deep within your heart.

By Jan Collins© 3-10-12
Written for and in honor of the deep love that Cosmo's Mom had for him and he for her.
Rest in peace little one and know that your Mom will carry you in her heart forever.

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