Rudy's Forever Home Update

May 10, 2006
Hey, Jan!
Just thought I'd let you know that Rudy was a complete angel at the vet the other day...well, almost! Anytime I ever warn others about his "grouchiness" (for lack of a better word), he proves me otherwise. Evidently, he likes our vet and her nurse. He tried to nip at Dr. Diane one time in the beginning. Then he just kinda gave up and cooperated after we all just ignored him. I was both shocked and pleased. He is such a sweet baby. I sure do wish he'd try to be sweet when our parents visit! LOL He's fine with strangers as long as they don't touch him. He is never the instigator and he does give warning. Those who don't heed it are rewarded by a "bite attack!"
We are taking him to Charlotte, NC with us when we go to the races in a few weeks. We figured that would be less traumatic for him than staying at the kennel with the other two. Lucy and Herbie love going to the Pet Resort and "barking their butts off" with the other dogs. Little Rudy DOES NOT like being away from his mama! We experimented with leaving all three of them at the kennel when we went to Myrtle Beach in March. We left them at a place 2 or 3 miles down the street from our hotel and went to walk them every day. There was one older lady there he'd let pick him up a little, not without a fight. When she finally did get him outside to the play area, he'd just sit there! LOL Oh, well, I guess the little boy may be spoiled a bit.
Take care! Will be in touch soon. Ya never know, I really might get that "high tech camera" of mine out and learn to use it one of these days soon!

May 3, 2006
Hey, Jan!
Little Rudy is doing just fine. He goes to the vet for his annual exam today at 1000am. I hope he won't "chew the vet up!" We'll see! As you know, he's not particularly fond of being groomed. He has allowed the vet to cut his nails and weigh him before, however, I think we'll figure out today whether he really likes her or not! He doesn't seem to want anything to do with anyone except John and me along with "the other 2 kids." The more spoiled he gets, the snootier he gets around other people!
I ordered these harnesses for Rudy. He has some really cute vest type harnesses with the velcro (like Jen made for Herbie and Lucy). I don't have a problem getting them on him, but for some reason or another he does not like the sound the velcro makes when I try to take it off. He gets upset and carries on like I'm hurting him even though I know I'm not. He pays no attention when I make the same noise taking off Lucy and Herbie's harnesses. I seem to keep misplacing the one regular harness I use for him. These are much cuter.
Have a great day! I'll let ya know how he does at the vet. Oh, one other thing....Didn't you tell me that you picked up Rudy on May 7th of last year? I've decided to make that his new "birthday" since we really don't know what his birthday is! ...Rudy's day of salvation. LOL Take care!

September 26, 2005
OK, Jan!
After this, I'll stop pestering you for a day or two. The "little man's" name is Rudy. John and I finally agreed. I got it from a 1993 movie called RUDY. I remembered the third tagline down. It reminded me of "little man."
Taglines for Rudy (1993):
When people say dreams don't come true, tell them about Rudy
Sometimes a winner is a dreamer who just won't quit.
It's not the size of the dog in the fight, It's the size of the fight in the dog. (Sounds like "little man!")
Take care,

September 21, 2005
Hey, Jan!
I'm still going back and forth with his name! He pays me no mind when I call him Happy! He actually looks like a Pepe or a Princie the way he twirls and dances around. He is quite a character! He does look when I call him Pepe! LOL Maybe that's because it sounds similar to "pee pee" and "poo pee"....two very popular words in my house! I like Princie but John does not. It has nothing at all to do with the name. I'll tell you the story behind Princie sometime! Too bad he's not a girl, Prissy or Prancy would be very appropriate!
He has really come out of his shell the last few days. He is stuck to me like glue. He has pretty much gotten used to Herbie and Lucy. He follows them around trying to act like "the big dogs!" He has even joined in the daily "barkfest" with them!
I don't suppose you'd be terribly shocked to know that I moved our planned Myrtle Beach trip from this weekend to the beginning of October. I just didn't want to leave him so soon since he seems to really be getting used to being here with all of us.
The biggest issue we have is the potty issue/walking issue and it really isn't that big of a deal. I may need to call and get a little advice on how to train him. He turns in circles at the back door. I take him out thinking he wants to do his business. I'm really not sure what he's doing! Mostly he just stands around and looks. At least when he does go in the house he does go to the exact same spot on the palm tree rug! He doesn't particularly like to go out for a walk. We've been taking him out separately. This morning, we took him out with Herbie and Lucy. We thought he might learn by watching them. That might have encouraged him a bit, BUT, one thing is for sure...he does not like to walk. Of course, I'd probably prefer to be carried around myself! Maybe we are carrying him around too much!
Well, I'll go for now. I will talk to you later!
PS That's a really strange, unique gymnastic trick he does when he does "boo boo." I don't believe I've ever seen anything like it. I tried to "assume the position" but was unable to keep my balance! LOL ; P

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