Sam's Forever Home Update

August 9, 2005
Hi Jan,
Sam and Max are really starting to enjoy each other. Sam has definitely taken on the little brother role of stealing treats and toys when Max isn't looking and generally following him around the house. They are learning to engage each other in play and chase each other around the house.
Sam has been the perfect puppy. No accidents, no vomitting in the car, eating well, playing, sleeping well...we swear he is an adult dog in a puppy body!
The two boys spent most of the day with G-ma and had a ton of fun. They ran around her yard, slept, and then went for a walk to the park. We took the dogs to work (Mich and I work in the same building) and showed Sam off to everyone...they all fell in love with him!
Sam is helping us put together a care package for all of his foster brothers and sisters. If the siblings have any special requests (toys, treats, beds, etc), please let us know.
We'll be adding more stuff to the website tomorrow...didn't have a chance to do much today.

August 8, 2005
Hi Jan,
Pictures have been added to the site Max and Sam.
Today, it was the cutest thing...
Mich and I filled a baby pool for us (Mich and I) to cool off in. We had taken the day off work to spend with the boys and figured it might be nice to relax in a little water. As soon as we put the hose in the inflatable pool, Sam had his little body in the water and was drinking from the hose, splashing in the water, and shuffling around. We thought we would just get a drink and get out, but he got in and didn't want to leave the water. We'll have pics of that on the site tomorrow! Who would have thought that little Sam was a water dog!!! Too cute!

August 7, 2005
Hi Jan, Seth had a big day today. He met grandma for the first time today, who immediately fell in love with him! Unfortunately, grandma has a Ukrainian accent and couldn't pronounce Seth (it kept coming out sef), so she renamed him Sam. He is a super-smart little guy and has picked up on his new name quickly. We have a ton of pictures, but decided to post a few of our far :)
We created a website to keep you posted on Sam/Seth. Please visit: Max and Sam.
We'll be posting more pictures tomorrow! We have some really cute pics of Sam with Grandma, learning how to use ramps, playing fetch (he clearly learned from Fabian!) and climbing stairs. Max is eating again thanks to Sam! Sam will go over and sniff the bowl of food and Max will immediately dig in. Max is still adjusting to a new puppy in the house, but has definitely made progress in the past day. Sam will curl next to Max and Max is finally not shifting away from him. It will be fun to watch these two grow together!
Thank you for this little bundle of joy!
Tiffany and Mich

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