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Sanyi & Shana's
Forever Home

September 14, 2014
I am sending you some recent photos of the girls. Getting a shot of Shanna is difficult, since she still shys away from the camera and my phone, so some of the attached are blurry, for obvious reasons – she moves on me. We have decided to call “Sanyi” Sassy. We could not get her to come to Sanyi, so one day, on a whim, I called her Sassy – her ears perked up and she came right away. Clearly, she knew that name. She is a gem, and we felt that giving her back her original name was what worked best for her (and us since we never pronounced it the same way twice). She is like a little stuffed animal, always in a good mood. Loves her walks and squeaky toys. Shana is a sweetheart, except during storms and at night she seems to get frightened easily. We have had to sleep downstairs on the couch with her on more than one occasion. Not really certain what she sees, or does not see, but she is anxious on occasion. I believe it will all work its way out, it may take a while. I just thought you might get a kick out of seeing the monkeys, clearly they love food – you can see in one photo they are begging! Go figure! Wouldn’t be because they get a morsel now and then? Hope all is well with you, cool here today, and I for one am glad. The girls love their walks and when it is cooler like this, they enjoy it more.
God Bless, will keep you up to date on stuff!

July 11, 2014
Hi Jan,
I thought I would drop you a note and give you a quick update on how the girls are doing. Shana has done such an about-face we are both shocked. She is calmer, storms upset her, but nothing like they did the first few nights she was here. We give her half of one of these calming pills and she will sit by my side and watches as the lightning strikes, but not nearly as bad as she once was. She walks on her leash beautifully, and we take them both for a walk each evening. She loves her walks! She rolls around in the grass and it is such a hoot to watch her when she plays in the grass. Delightful! She has even decided it is okay to sleep in our bed. She was restless one night, so I picked her up and put her in bed with us and that was it! She hasn’t slept on the floor since. She goes to bed at 10:00 and we all get up between 6 and 6:30. When we take them for walks, we are trying to introduce them to other people and dogs, so they aren’t afraid of everything. She even went up to a couple of our friends dogs last night. No issues whatsoever, where initially, she was petrified of them. She seems to more and more trust us, and is definitely a “Mommy’s” Girl! Won’t go out unless I am going with her. Little Sanyi is precious in everything. Her antics tickle me. I love to watch her stretch. She is timid at first with others, but she has warmed up to people as well. We need a bigger bed as both of the girls sleep with us now. Yikes! Shana has put on some weight, not much, but enough so that she feels solid around her middle now, bones not protruding as they were. I think there are two factors, she is calmer, so not burning off so much weight and energy, and her diet had to change, due to the fact we couldn’t get Oma’s Pride here. I have them on Instinct, which is a raw diet. I called around and it gets pretty high ratings with some reputable pet places. That, plus treats – she is a little bigger. Sanyi doesn’t change, she remains at the same weight. I am getting them groomed on Monday, will take photos and send them along when I get some new ones. Much Love, hoping all is well. I was on your web site yesterday and saw you had 4 dogs pending. Hope that goes well. You are an angel, Love,

June 8, 2014
Hi Jan,
We arrived home safely last night about midnight. Tired, but glad to be home safe and sound. Got about 4 hours of sleep, then the girls, who had slept about 90% of the time on the way down, got us up, ready to eat and play. They did wonderfully well! Pooped twice on the way down, and peed every time we took them out. We tried to stop every 2-3 hours to allow them to do their business. They ate their dinner up and drank water, all while moseying on down the road, just like Sammi always did. So far today, no problems, eating well, and we are taking them out every couple of hours, walking them a bit each time. Shanyi does very well, Shana doesn’t like the leash at all – that will come with time. Sanyi started playing with the toys right away last night. Squeezing the squeaky ones – way too cute! Shana doesn’t seem interested, hopefully she will enjoy more as time goes by, she probably misses all of her buddies. The only “accident” we had we believe was Shana. She decided to poop in the sunroom some time after she got up this a.m., and she had been outside. No idea why. Joe and I are going to go ahead and cut the meat into 2 oz. segments. I wanted to verify that with you. Will try to call again later. Thank you so much for getting us up and out early yesterday. We knew we were in for a long haul, and I hope we weren’t too rude when we were with you. I think we both were tired, and knew we were going to have a rough day. Fortunately, praise God the traffic, weather and everything else – to include the girls – cooperated and it was a good trip back. Long, but good! I / We appreciate all you have done with these little dogs, as well as all of the other babies you have fostered / rescued. I sent you a video about some Beagles that had been rescued, I know you will appreciate what you see. Other than the food, I can’t think of anything else right now that I need to ask. The girls’ will be true Southern Belles in no time – will send photos later. I am going to take them to meet the groomer, get harnesses and take them to the vet in the next week.

June 10, 2014
Hi Jan,
Quick update, the girls are doing well. Getting us up at 4 a.m. to go out and go peepee, poop too, but other than that, nothing major. Only 2 accidents in the house, both by little Shana. No big deal, either of them. Shana refuses to sleep on the bed. Sanyi would, but if we put her up, Shana gets upset because her buddy isn’t with her, so they are both sleeping at the foot of the bed on their own blankets. Works out for them. Sanyi loves the squeaky toys. Picks them up and squeaks them like crazy, especially if you are willing to sit there and play too. Shana seems to enjoy the balls. We throw them and she retrieves them pretty well. Sanyi does very well on her leash. Walks very well, and no trepidation at all. Shana is doing better already, but still isn’t nuts about it. She was very afraid of the steps coming into the front of the house the first night. She has mastered that and comes up with no problem now. The only real issue we are having is they seem to be afraid of Joe, and he is very gentle with them. Shana will actually run away when he tries to call her. Were they both abused by men? Do you know? Seems to appear that way. We have taught both girls to “sit” for their treats. They are doing well, not totally there, but it is a start. Shana is by far the most head-strong. It is voting day here for the S.C. primary, so I am headed off to vote. Will send photos later, and chat more as we see things going on that you would enjoy,

June 16, 2014
Hi Jan,
The girls are doing swell! They go out on the deck in the morning just like they have been here forever. At first they were reluctant to do so. We take them for a cart ride each evening if we are around – they seem to enjoy, a little bit anxious, but that will fade. They have turned into Southern Belles. Other than a little skittishness on Shana’s part – all is well. She is warming up to Joe, has made great strides in one week. The trust issues are coming along, and I knew they would with soft voices and quiet atmosphere and moving gently. They are sweet little gals. Little Sanyi is an angel – no doubt about it. Much Love, and Hugs,
Thanks so much,

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