Sashay's Forever Home Update

April 11,2006
Hi, we thought it was time for an update. Sashay is doing so very well. She is becoming much less fearful and is walking gently on a leash. We walk her at least a mile a day and she is learning that the outside world is safe. She has become very territorial about her home and her Moms. We are working on come and sit and she is learning rapidly. Thank you again for saving this wonderful dogchild so we could have her to enrich all our lives.
She has even been doing overnights and play dates with our friends who will care for her when we go to the Galapagos Islands in July. She now has a city home and a country home and she loves it.
We will be sending back her prissy pants as they are no longer needed. I am sure you will put them to good use. Again, much love and thanks to you all.
Love, Sharon and Tera

January 30,2006
Hello, everyone,
I have been in my Forever Home for seven weeks now and am very happy. I love being the dogchild. My Moms are always petting me and playing with me. They found out in a hurry that I love to destroy rubber squeak toys, so now I only get nylabones and hard rubber balls to chew on. I have other toys, but they are not for chewing.
People compliment me, and my self esteem is soaring. I have made many new friends, dog and human. I didn't like car rides at first, but I am getting better, and my Moms take me lots of places. I still am working on housetraining, and I almost have my Moms trained. I don't wear my prissy pants anymore but we are keeping them for when we go visiting.
I am sending some more photos of me so you won't forget me. Everyone at Peke A Tzu will always be in my heart. You saved me from my wretched crate life and gave me freedom and lots of love. Without you, I would not be in my Forever Home today. Thank you all for loving me and all the other pupsters.
Love, Sashay, the adorable Pooshi girl. (At least that's what my Moms say.)

December 19, 2005
Hi Jan,
Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Sashay is doing very well and is training us a little more everyday. We are getting used to each others schedules and have only had a couple of accidents in the house. She is starting to get territorial with us and the house. We had some company yesterday and she actually barked and growled a little. She, of course, was no threat to anyone and eventually warmed up to all but our friends daughter, who is nine. Maybe she had bad experiences with children. Anyway, we love her madly and she is just the best. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Sharon and Tera

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