Posey & Scooby's Forever Home Update

February 6, 2006
Hi Jan and Family,
It's been a year since I left you and came to live with Mom and Dad.
This is a thank you for all our help and all you do for us scared and homeless dogs.
Scooby and I get along great, but he gets in lots more trouble than me. Mom calls me a princess and some days I act like one.
I don't like the snow so am looking forward to spring.
Thank you and sending lots of love,

January 20, 2006
Hi Jan,
How are things in dog land?
I would like to keep sending the money for a dog. Was thinking of Jetta if that is alright.
We have had our wonderful little Posey for a year next month and there hasn't been a day in that year that she hasn't made me feel good just being her mom. She is still afraid of steps and has her ramp up the couple of steps we do have. She has also learned to stand her ground with Scooby and how to hide her treats so she can eat them when she wants them, as he eats his so fast and then goes after hers. He has gained weight,guess he is like his mother when it comes to that love of food. She also is doing great around people,she goes right up to them and waits for them to pet her. O how I love her.
You sure had a busy 2005 and by the look of thing 2006 will keep you busy also.
Take care and God bless you and your family,

December 20, 2005
Hi Jan,
Thank you for the Christmas card and the letter telling us all the news. Posey and Scooby are doing well. This Christmas stuff is a bit much for little Posey. She is back to acting scared of everything and that worries me but then when we lay on the couch in the evening she seems to do fine and needless to say I love it.
Doug thinks she's a mama's girl and that is just fine with me. Scooby on the other hand is like got any treats for me. He even thought that a couple of the small trees with the fake snow around them were his, so the snow was yellow and the trees got put away in a safer place. He got the belly band for the rest of the day on that one.
Take care and Merry Christmas,
God Bless you and your family for all you do for our wonderful little friends,

August 4, 2005
Good Morning Jan,
Your welcome,wish it could be more but that is all I had at this time. Now on to the lateest about the two cutest dogs in the world (just my opinion). They are both doing well. Posey is so very sweet but she still is scared of many things and storms just about send her over the top. To say I love her is an understatment. Scooby is wonderful (still having a problem with where to go poop) he no longer begs for food and he seems happy. We had some friends over the other night and they had a baby. He was like a nut about the baby. When the baby cried he also cried. I have never seen anything like it. He doesn't jump up on people but he did on the mother of the baby and just wouldn't stop. Out side he went so he stayed by the door and cried to get back in. Let him back in and who ever had that baby he followed. What a dog!Both of them like our walks and time spend rubbing bellies. Thanks again for all you do and for letting us have Posey and Scooby. God Bless and take care,
p.s. Doug is in love with them also just isn't as over the top as I am.

May 16, 2005
Hi Jan,
Hope this finds you and yours doing well and enjoying our spring weather. Scooby has to be one of the most wonderful dogs you have ever given to someone. He is so full of himself that you just can't help but love him. The other day he seemed kind of down and just told him to bad, your here and if you miss that other place get over it.
Posey is now playing with toys which makes me happy,meets us at the door and runs around the yard like she is happy.
Scooby talks to me when I say we are going for a walk and Posey just runs and stands by the closet door that has their stuff is in. She still gets scared of noises and loud speaking people but we can deal with that. Take care and thanks for everything,
God Bless you,

May 5, 2005
Hi Jan, Hope this finds you and your babies doing well. The vet said we have a winner on our hands with Scooby. She just loved him. He does have that quality in him to win your heart in about one second flat. His eye is alright,she felt it was from an injury that wasn't taken care of and now there is a cataract starting but she also said he has a black spot in his other eye but not to worry about it at this time. Our son came over the other night and Scooby jumped up beside him on the couch as if to say "hi, how are ya? I'm Scooby and I'm here to stay".
He loves treats and Posey is starting to warm up to him. Told Doug she has really come along way in a short time. She will walk with the leash, lays by us and she loves to have us pet her. She meets me at the door each time I come home and loves to look out the front window from the top of the couch. Still gets scared very easily and strangers frighten her.
Thank you for enriching our lives,
God Bless you,

April 29, 2005
Good Morning Jan,
Well, its been almost a week we have had Scooby and we love him more each day. Got him some new toys and he loves them. Posey just doesn't seem to get the idea of playing with toys but we are working on it. She let him know this morning that her bed is hers and he is not welcome there at anytime, especially when her mom is loving her. I am taking him to the vet this afternoon as there is some blood in his stool and want it checked out. How are the rest of your babies doing? Have a good weekend and thank you for everything,
God Bless,

April 25, 2005
Good Morning Jan,
Well I think we have met our match with Scooby. He let us know yesterday that when we sit down to eat he is part of that food deal. The people who had him must have fed him from the table as he started to talk to us when we sat down and it just kept getting louder and louder until I got down and looked him in the face and just told him we didn't do that at our house so he went under the table and sat by Doug's feet. Posey looked at him like where in the world did you come from? We don't eat people food just peanut butter once a day.
He has been sleeping with us and seems to love running around the back yard even in the snow.
Take care and will keep you posted.
God Bless,
Vicki, Doug, Posey and last but not least Scooby

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