Stella's Forever Home Update

August 16, 2005
All is good – Stella only barks at Jim when he comes home from work and sometimes when he surprises her. She is quite skeptical of strangers but I am confident she will get accustomed to our lifestyle. Good news is Rocky has totally warmed up to her and allows her to share his “pupster” beds (see pictures). I have to keep an eye on her as she has been going “potty” on my dining room carpet. I bought some “Stay Away” and so far so good. She would go in there as soon as she was finished eating (our schedule is: out for potty, in for breakfast), bizarre, especially since she already went potty. So now, it is Out for potty, in for breakfast then out for potty again. She very much enjoys her walks however when she decides she doesn’t want to walk or go the other way and I give a little tug on the leash she lays down, rolls over with all fours up – quite embarrassing! Then I pick her up walk two steps and we’re ready to go again!

July 11, 2005
Selina is getting more and more used to her new home. She has mastered the stairs (I was very concerned about that). My tendency is to always "help" and it's best to let them figure it out on their own. She has however become very suspicious of Jim - do you know anything of her background? Could she have been abused by a man? She is a very good watch dog. She does not bark excessively but will bark if something appears to be "out of the ordinary" and she will, on occasion, help Augie with his barking duties. She does sleep with us, so I have two in the bed. Occasionally Rocky will sleep in the doggie bed by the window if he's too hot. So far so good!

July 5, 2005
Some day I will master these photos! I installed the software on my work computer, proceeded to plug in my card reader and it made my network connection disappear, go figure. Well, I’m back on line now and here is the sweet little girl. She is very happy and goes along well with the program. This morning her and Rocky were “running” around our bedroom playing!! Then Augie got involved. . . that brought the decorum back to the morning. Actually Augie tries to keep them from running beneath him telling them that he is not a “bridge”, but they insist on running underneath that belly! Guess what?? Rocky pooped in the yard this morning!!! Thank you Selina!
She appears to be very happy. Can’t approach too fast though, but it appears she loves her new home (truth be known I think she thinks she is here just for a visit). Each morning it gets better. I have to remember when we got Rocky – he was more shy than this one! She loves to investigate. She has an appointment with Dr. Arnold for a general exam so that we can get her on the annual schedule with Augie and Rocky. I will give him all of her records. More pics on the way!

July 3, 2005
Oh I wish I knew how to work with photo's more! These will at least show you. Selina has arrived safe and sound! We chose the porch (a perfect introduction venue) for the meeting and all went without a hitch - after the pups got a little comfortable we all went out to the back yard with a long lead - good thing because she took off romping!! She found a private space to do both her duties and all was well. She loves the yard but I will have to keep an eye on her until she learns the fence boundaries.
She seems perfectly happy. We came in and I fed the boys their "lite meal lunch" and she was very interested in her food so I fed her also - she ate and drank water and think all is good. She appears to be very brave. . . she really is exploring and trotting through the house, but must be approached slowly. She comes when I call the pups so it appears she wants to stay with the pack. She likes to follow Augie around (imagine that?) Rocky just wants to make sure he doesn't lose would be chums. More to follow! Thank you Marianne for delivering the precious cargo, it was great meeting another caring pupster Mom!
Nita and Jim

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