I was thirteen when I came to live with my new Mom and Dad,
My family gave me up because their health was really bad.

I was six weeks old when I met my family,
Never dreaming I would be leaving them unexpectedly.

I was frightened for I did not know what my future would hold,
For many people kept telling me I was so very old.

I said goodbye to my family and journeyed to my new home,
Where I was met with hugs and kisses and told I would never be alone.

As I settled into this strange place for my first night,
I felt the love surrounding me and knew life would be alright.

My rescue family didnít care about my age and disabilities,
The minute they met me they loved me unconditionally.

As I begin my journey to the bridge I have a favor to ask from all of you,
Please help us seniors who are displaced so that we can start our lives anew.

My journey is nearly completed and I am contented as can be,
Thank you Mom and Dad for your kindness and loving me.

By Jan Collins© 10-24-07
Sweet Bandit, letís hope that people will listen to your plea. There is no better joy than holding a baby like you close to our heart. Rest peacefully sweetie, until we meet again.

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