Braden's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

December 20, 2011
Hi Jan,
Braden loves sleeping in the bed! I am gonna get him a thundershirt because he was screaming when I was upstairs changing the sheets-gave us all a heart attack! I guess since we all have been home it might help when he has to be left for a bit with mimmie so he doesn't freak when it happens.
He and Fenton are really having a blast and Keegan not so much-lol! Mimmie has no opinion as she is surrounded by a bunch of boys.
He watches tv. It was the weirdest thing to watch. None of mine ever watch tv even though my husband has it on all the time. Everyone loves him! He fit in immediately so it was good to have the littles to greet him rather than him coming into the house by himself.
Keep you posted!

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