Teddy's Forever Home Update

May 5, 2005
Teddy is great and very much looking forward to summer when his kids will be home with him everyday.:)
Don' t laugh but I just bought him a lifejacket yesterday, since we bought a speedboat for the cottage and I know he will want to go for rides. (:) My niece has one for her golden retriever so Teddy couldn't be outdone. He is going to love the cottage. Lots of kids, outdoor time and other dogs! Let' s just hope we get the weather this summer! I wish I could say he is fully potty trained but that stinker will sneak down to the basement to do a no.2 in the basement bathroom. You know how those rescue dogs love those hard smooth floors! I think I may have to leash him to me so he can't sneak away.
Thats all for now,
Alison and Teddy

February 7, 2005
Jan, Here are some updated pics of Teddy with Austin, Mackenzie, Grant, Alison and I this past christmas.
It is great to see you at Doc's on occasion.

December 27, 2004
Dear Jan,
He is awesome. He is quite a traveler now and did great with our numerous trips over to my parents for the holidays. He has also learned to love baths, we put on a new spray faucet so I can give him an undercarriage flush after all those darn snowballs get stuck to him!,br> (Low clearance on the small breeds.) We are still struggling with potty training; we aren't as consistent as we should be. :) He has really warmed up to the kids and goes to them to play in the evening when he gets all riled up. He has really added a new dimension to the family; I can't wait to get home, he gives me such a enthusiastic welcome.
Alison, Gregg and kids

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