Teddy's Forever Home Update

July 4, 2014
Hi Sweetie.....
The boys are all doing well....Happy is still very attached to Shasta and he is getting a taste of his own medicine as Teddy won't leave HIM alone now...LOL...and Teddy takes HIS bones away.....hahaha.....Teddy is having an awful time with pottie training.....he will start to poop in the house and we will quickly pick him up and run him on the deck....(which is accessable to them all day)....then we will sit out there with him until he finishes his job except he will NOT finish his job .....as soon as we bring him in he promplty poops on the floor....hehehe......He pees all over too....he sees the other boys going outside but he just will not do it....any suggestions at all will help.... Here are some fun pictures of the boys...
Love you lots,

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