Terra & Rhett's Forever Home Update

December 17, 2005
Hi Jan,
Rhett and Terra celebrating their second birthday!

December 8, 2005
Hi, Jan,
Things are going well. Hope you and the pups are all well. I think Terras' topped off at around 22 pounds, Rhett is at 13. They're looking forward to their 2nd birthday the week after next then christmas and I'm sure they'll get spoiled by grandma.
The only problem I have with them is that they love to lay there and chew their stuffed toys until they get them ripped open and then spread the stuffing all over the house.
I was up in Big Rapids for a week and a half over thanksgiving and was going to call you to see if you'd like to see the kids but I forgot to bring your number with me.

August 28, 2005
Hi Jan,
Hope all is well up there. The weather was nice and cool for a couple of days but then got hot again and I started to give rhett and terra haircuts . I don't tjhink I'll send pictures of that unless I can get them a little more evened out. They do sit for a lot longer before getting bored than mops and sassy ever did. The 3 of us may be up in big rapids the week of thanksgiving sitting with my sisters cats while she's out of town maybe I'll call and drop in for a visit if it's o.k.

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