The Litter

Me and my brothers and sisters lay soft
against our Mama; we can hear her heartbeat,
It has been like this for six wonderful weeks.

We have lots of room to romp and play in the straw,
All of us tumbling around and having a ball.

Along came a human, who took us from our Mom and stuck us in a box,
Me and my brothers and sisters were in a state of shock.

We were taken into this huge building and left there with this lady,
She took us out of the box and put us in a cold pen and said “sorry babies”.

It is awful in this place; we are scared and cold,
We want out of here, can’t anyone be told!

Where is our Mom who kept us warm as toast?
We really miss her heartbeat the most!

We sit here on the cold floor and huddle together,
Wondering if we will ever see straw or chase another feather.

People come and look at us and say “oh, what a cute litter”.
We sit here and life seems to becoming more bitter and bitter.

Look, there is another human coming our way,
She has a smile on her face that is bright as a sunny day.

She is allowed to come into our pen,
Then sits right down on the floor, on her face is this great big grin.

She says, “I will take this whole wonderful cuddling bunch,
Into a box we go and then she gave us some lunch.

We are taken to her truck and put inside some crates,
She tells us “be good”; I will be back and will not be late.

Into the truck she comes and off we go,
Where we are going we do not know.

All we know is we are out of that terrible place,
And this human tells us that we are heading for a wonderful fate.

We are all a little confused and scared when the truck stops,
Our human takes us out and hugs us and tells us “you are the tops”.

She tells us, you will be O.K. without your Mom,
Because I will help you move into the future and beyond.

Our human has given us each a name,
In naming us she makes it a game.

She looks into our eyes and then checks us all over,
Wondering if she should name one of us Holly or Clover.

So we decided to give this human a name too,
We decided to call her our “Pet Angel”; we thought that name would do.

We have been told that we will be bathed and made to smell pretty,
And no one will ever look at us again with pity.

It was very strange and wet this thing called a bath,
We wiggled and squirmed and Pet Angel laughed and laughed.

Pet Angel talked to us when our bath was all done and we were all dry,
About a place where we can run, romp and play beneath the blue sky.

We would each be getting this thing called a “Forever Home”,
Where we would be part of a family and never be alone.

Now, we can say good-bye to each other,
Knowing all will be well with each sister and brother.

We will forever be thankful and remember that wonderful day,
When our beloved “Pet Angel” came our way.

Penned by Judith A. Huested Davidson

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