There Is Always Love Awaiting Us

For all of you who think you have nowhere to go,
Please continue to have faith and always know,

There are many angels in the world that are waiting to love us,
To give us hope, love, cuddles and a reason to trust.

I am proof that if you have faith in humankind and persevere,
There is someone who will let you know how precious you really are.

I felt so fortunate to feel warmth surrounding me,
And the end of my life was full of joy and harmony.

I was happy, loved and whole when I left this earth and my kin,
Cradled close in Mom's arms as I quietly floated upwards to meet my friends.

By Jan Collins © 7-13-05
In memory of those that no one else will bring into their hearts and homes,
but need us so very much for the little time they may have left.
Rest easy Strudle and know that you will never be forgotten.

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