There Is Someone Waiting To Love You

We are such loyal, loving and trusting beings,
And continue to believe that our human masters have the same feelings.

No matter how much pain and neglect we endure,
We continue to believe that all around us are pure.
We are left in a cold, dark and lonely place,
With others that have the same sad look on their face.

We never give up and hope that someone will arrive before long,
For we know in our hearts that we have done nothing wrong.

We realize that our future does not look very bright,
And still we just cannot give up without a fight.

We hear people coming and going in and out,
For some reason they just are not hearing our shouts.

We have faith that there is someone out there that will recognize our need,
Even though we are flea ridden and crippled because of our masters nasty deeds.

Our tenacity, faith in humankind and love for life has paid off,
For our Rescue Angel arrives and lovingly says you have been through enough.

You see we have proven that in this world kindness still abides,
We are now so very loved and remain safe at our angel's side.

By Jan Collins © 11-8-05
Dedicated to those that are so physically and psychologically abused, but continue to have faith and know that there is someone very special out there waiting to love them.
Mom and Dad miss you so, our sweet Hunter Bugs. Stay safe until we meet once again.

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