The Rockman

I was left in a shelter to die at the age of two,
Because I had behavioral and biting issues.

A rescue committed to me and I thought I was safe,
But at the last minute they prioritized others and sealed my fate.

Little did they know that was a blessing in disguise,
For my Auntie Jen was not about to see this be my demise.

She contacted my Mom and Dad through a friend,
She asked that they come and get me for she did not want my life to end.

My Dad was there in a matter of hours and told me all would be better,
And that began our journey through life together.

Auntie Jen and Unkie Harvey joined PATRíS cause along with me,
And from that moment steadfast friends we knew they would be.

I was difficult to say the least more often than not,
But Mom and Dad accepted me for who I was and loved me a lot.

I would bite when things did not go my way,
But Mom would just say there will be better days.

No matter my faults I was showered with love and affection,
And returned that love with out a moment of hesitation.

I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in early May,
Mom and Dad continued to cry for days and days.

I ask them now to please dry their tears,
For I was surrounded by love for a wonderful six years.

Auntie Jen thank you for making that call,
And know that I will give Unkie Harvey a kiss from you all.

By Jan Collins© 6-18-09
There will never be another like you Rockie dear. We will miss your crooked smile, your crazy antics and your very special kisses. Rest in peace sweet baby until we meet again.

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