The Stars Above

I was 10 years old when I had my last litter,
And by then I will have to say I was very bitter.

Day after day I thought there has got to be someone that will be kind,
As I lay in my cold, damp area where I was confined.

There was a small window that I could see through the bars,
So at night I would gaze up longingly and say to the stars,

I pray I may, I pray I might,
Hear an answer to my prayer tonight.

The stars were so beautiful and I knew God had made them,
If anyone would hear my prayers it would be Him.

As the years passed and through all my tears,
I held steadfast knowing God was always near.

Suddenly one evening this warm feeling rushed over me,
As I repeated my prayer to the stars to be free.

God softly spoke to me and said your Angel is on her way,
She'll be here tomorrow; I didn't know what to say.

All of my horrible memories quickly fled,
As I lay close to my Angel in her soft bed.

We would both gaze up at the stars together and pray,
Looking deep within each others eyes we would say,
We pray we may, we pray we might,
Hold each other closely throughout the night.

My Angel, thank you for your kindness, devotion and four wonderful years of love,
Please continue to say our nightly prayer to the stars up above.

Watch closely for the falling stars that I have touched gently,
For these represent tears of joy for the love you have given me.

By Jan Collins © 11/18/09

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