Tigger's Forever Home Update

November 14, 2005
Tigger has made his second trip to Florida - he's a real cutie. He and we are learning. Tigger hates the paper - I picked it up to read it - and he ran. Must have been hit with it. His little paw goes like crazy to be loved - at first it was a little push - now he's really pushy -and the bark used to be quiet - now he's as loud as the other two. They make a good family for Bob and I. Again Thank you for watching over him - till we met.

September 30, 2005
Here's is a picture of our babies resting for the night.

September 19, 2005
Hi Jan,
Here's some pictures - its hard to play with him and get a picture too. First he's looking for our next door neighbor dog Alex, then he is hunting, walking with Pepe' to come in and last but not least Tigger with his toy bone.

August 26, 2005
Tigger was just GREAT traveling - I think he knows that he's going to be in two different homes. The smells of the other dogs are here - and he has adjusted well. Today I found him on the very top of the couch - boy can that little boy jump. I can't believe he jumps right on the bed with little effort. He's been having carrots and apples for treats. He loves them along with his Iams Lamb and rice along with the other lamb and rice we have. He also started to play with Pepe' the other day - he runs with him in the yard and loves his walks. He nosey just like PePe' - wants to mark everywhere outside. He's had NO accidents - we're really proud of him. Everyday seems like he's learning that he's here to stay. Kuddles watches over her toys - and won't let him come too close when she's playing with one - but that's Kuddles. He doesn't seem to be to interested in toys - but that's ok - he has the cutest bark - and he does love to run in the yard to see what's going on. Again Thank You all - Jan, Jennifer, Judy and Allison. Please tell Jennifer that I really appreciated the good information about the pills. We'll be updating you.
P.S. Sorry I was having trouble with the internet service here.

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