Tiki & Tulip's Forever Home Update

Tulip & Dad

November 21, 2005
Hi Jan and Bruce,
Remember when i told you that Ling-Ling and Tiki took 2nd place in the cutest doggie contest at Lake Chemung? Well FINALLY here is a picture of the 2 winners WITH their trophy and Peke A Tzu Rescue hats...lol...look at Ling-Ling; she looks befuddled...lol... xo
Marg & her girls

April 29, 2005
Hi Everyone!
Well I am sending along a few pictures....we arrived back into florida this afternoon. Tiki has sniffed every square inch of this house...lol....both goirls are exhausted as they both followed me around all afternoon....lol...
The following pic is of Jim holding both girls and standing next to the RV....somewhere in Georgia I think. I could not have asked for better travellers...not a peep and they slept like angels....

April 26, 2005
Well, check out the 2 old ladies everyone!
They (Ling-Ling and Tiki) briefly sniffed at each other today when they first met; then hopped into their beds.....DONE! .....both are sleeping now.
Jim and I went to dinner for a bit this evening(we are in the RV in Michigan) and guess what? Up until today, Ling-Ling had been keeping her vigil on the RV dash when we went out of the RV....but when we came home tonight, no vigil....she was sleeping in her bed AND TIKI MET US AT THE DOOR-TAIL WAGGING!

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