Toffee's Forever Home Update

November 4, 2005
Hope all is well with your family and the pupsters. I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Toffee and her golf ball.
Have a great night!
Shayla, Chelsey, Scott and Toffee

September 23, 2005
Toffee is having the time of her life! Scott has taught her to "fetch" his golf balls, she goes nuts anytime she see one. We feel so lucky to have her as part of our lives and could not imagine life without her.
She was actually on the news last week as part of the Paws of A Cause event, I will send you a copy of the video as my husband's mother taped it.
Also wanted to tell you that she traveled all the way to Washington State with me to see my parents. She did so well on the trip, I could not believe it! We drove 2,150 miles in three days! Just me, Toffee and her trusty golf ball!
Last weekend,she won the award for "best groomed" at the local Paws for a Cause dog show, she had a great time but was not fond of the other dogs. I truly think she is a loner. She is so afraid someone is going to invade her "turf"! Don't expect her to win Miss Congeniality anytime soon, ha ha!
Have a great weekend!
Shayla, Scott, Chelsey and Toffee

July 19, 2005
Toffee is doing very well, she went to the groomers last week and had a great time, they did not want to give her back. She came out with pink and white bows and a pink bandana! She actually likes to be dressed up because she is still wearing her bows and bandana!
Toffee is so smart, she knows exactly what I mean when I talk to her. It is so funny, if I say "let's go up", she heads for the stairs and runs up as fast as she can. If I say, " go to bed", she runs to my room and gets in her dog bed. If I say, " go to your room", she heads for the bathroom, because she knows I am getting ready to leave to go somewhere. She has also learned to fetch Golf Balls, we get tons of them living on the course and she prances out to the yard, gets the balls and brings them to the porch for Scott.
Give the pupsters a kiss and hug for Toffee and have a great night.
Shayla, Scott, Chelsey and Toffee

July 1, 2005
Toffee is doing wonderful in her new home, she is "princess of her palace!" and loving it! She has really adapted well and Chelsey has been busy attending to her every need. Chelsey is off to Summer Camp, so Toffee and I are spending afternoons on the porch and going for walks.
We want to thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have Toffee in our lives, we have really appreciated your program and everything you do for the dogs.
Shayla, Chelsey and Scott

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