Tristan's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

October 16, 2016
Hi Jan,
Tristan is eating well, but hardly drinks any water. Is that normal for him? He is doing great at potty outside . . .he goes when we take him out. He sure is a snuggle bug! He sleeps most of the time so far. I think he probably is missing all of you. . .he still seems to be scared. He hasn't had any interest in playing yet. JoJo tries her hardest She paws at him (like a cat) and pounces like a rabbit, but he doesn't like that at all. He snaps and snarls at her . . .I pick him up and go to a different room. I know he is not acting aggressively but I think out of fear. Last night JoJo had bad anxiety attach during thunder storm and when she was calm she snuggled next to him for the rest of night. Right now he is sleeping on our bed, by my pillow . . .Will write again soon - any suggestions please let me know.

October 23, 2016
Hi Jan!
Tristan is just a "love bug". He snuggles and snuggles! Brian took him to the vet last week as there wasn't an improvement with his ears. They cleaned each ear and then put a tube of antibiotic in each. Said bacterial infection. We aren't supposed to touch them now and he gets a recheck next week. The vet said it will take time for him to come out of his shell, due to his age.?? I didn't think 4 was old. Is it? Saturday seemed to be his happiest day so far. His tail stayed up and was happy tail a lot. He actually ran and played just a little. I see he loves it outside! Have been walking him up and down the yard on leash . .he is doing much better on leash! I remain hopeful that he & JoJo will start to love each other. They sleep together with us each night but don't play with each other. She pounces and nudges/pushes/paws him and he snarls and snaps. I tell him we don't do that here. . .I tell her to be nice. Then he hides his face and won't look at her. Breaks my heart! I would love to leave the baby gate down when we are gone, but don't dare to yet. Do you have any advice? You know him better than I do and are used to multiple dogs. So my neighbor has an 11 year old (terrier mix breed) dog who runs around like she is 1. He got a 6 mos old Jack Daniel rescue this weekend and it is already best friends with his dog!!! (Ugh, yes I was a little jealous. . . :-) ) Maybe JoJo just thinks she's still a puppy, wants to play all he time, and I know she is definitely spoiled rotten . . :-) I bought both of them a bag of new toys . . . JoJo thought it was Christmas. . .Tristan wasn't interested. I feel like I'm rambling on & on . . . . .write back when you can!
PS Yesterday was the first day we heard him "bark" We were wondering if he had a voice ? lol

April 7, 2017
Hi Jan,
Hope all is well with you and your rescue! Tristan is doing well. We love him sooo much. His ear infection finally healed. He did have to have (6) teeth extracted though, but recovered quickly. He & Jo Jo are best friends. . . . so much fun watching them together!

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