Truman's Forever Home Update

April 22, 2006
Hi Jan,
He is doing just great! I did do a name change...he is now Truman. He already knows the new name and responds to it. He is hilarious! He is either "bugging" Macche' with endless play, chewing and flipping a nylabone in the air or occasionally when we aren't looking, walking on top of the kitchen table. Okay, which one of you guys taught him that trick! Let's blame Val!
He has settled in just fine. We've had a couple of accidents but he is really smart and is learning quickly...even getting used to the leash.
I did take him to the vet on Monday due to an ear infection. We''re doing the Panalog and it's responding well. Dr. Bortell thought that overall, he looked like quite the healthy little boy.
We're going to give him a bath tomorrow. Macche went to the groomer today for his four-week fluff but I thought I'd wait another month on Truman to let his hair grow out some and for him to be a little more settled and comfortable.
Can't be happier with my new little guy, he's one happy little buddy!
Take care,
Larry (and Darin, Macche' and Truman)

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