Unforgivable Sin

After being with my Mom for twelve years,
I suddenly was facing rejection and this filled me with fear.

You see my Mom decided to have a baby,
And she said saying goodbye to me might be a maybe.

As the children took over the household,
I was ignored and no longer included in the family fold.

I tried to remain calm, loving and reserved,
For I knew what was happening I did not deserve.

I had been faithful and true to my Mom you see,
How could she turn her back on me?

I was not important anymore and never was asked to lay at her side,
For the children were now her priority and pride.

So at twelve years of age, always being tried and true,
A call was made to this place called a rescue.

In the background I could hear my Dad say,
No one will want him, say what you may.

My Dad was wrong and for five wonderful years I was loved once again,
Thank you my Rescue Angel for recognizing that I had committed no sin.

Rather human or animal everyone eventually gets old,
No one deserves rejection and all should be told,

That it is the pet owner who has committed an unforgivable sin,
When they discard without conscience a loyal and true friend.

© Jan Collins 8-15-10
Newmie you were a light in our lives. You will live forever within our hearts. Sweet dreams sweetheart.

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