Vehicle of Happiness

Each day a car would slowly drive by,
A face peering out with tears in itsí eyes.

I had worn a path in the dirt on the ground,
From circling on my tether around and around.

I was flea ridden , matted and covered in sores you see,
So I thought no one would ever take a second look at me.

I would lay in the dirt and pray and pray,
That whoever was in that car would stop one day.

Wait a minute there is the sound of that motor,
I must be imagining this for it sounds so much closer!

Oh My, there is someone knocking on the front door,
Am I hearing correctly that my owner says he doesnít want me anymore?

Thank you God, there is that face peering down in my eyes,
Softly she says, there will be no more drive bys.

I was swooped up in her arms , cuddled close and hugged.
She didnít seem to care that I was covered in bugs.

My Rescue Angel said that we had both gained our freedom and I had saved her,
For she had gone through an emotional and terrible year.

Be assured Mom that my ears are attuned to that car,
I will recognize you coming to join me from afar.

By Jan Collins © 4-20-10

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