A Walk Down Memory Lane Together

Mom and Dad I know you wanted me to be with you forever,
Why don’t we travel down Memory Lane together?

This should help us all as we travel down this lane paw in hand,
To soothe our souls, dry our tears as I leave for Rainbow Bridge Land.

Pennies jangling….is that what you hear?
Jamie has arrived with something very dear.

All of a sudden there is my tiny black and white face,
Peeking up at you with my beautiful eyes, a devilish twinkle in place.

Wait! Is that a squeaky toy I see?
I can have that torn up by the count of three.

Potty training was a struggle if you recall,
But once I caught on I gave it my all.

I practiced long and hard at my butt and tail moving abilities,
And still think this would be a big hit for courses in agility.

Kisses are of the up most importance I believe,
I know I had the market cornered on these.

Wasn’t grooming just way too much fun?
My movin’ and groovin’ continued until we were done.

I had shown you how much love I could give,
So we decided to bring others we could love into our home to live.

As our family grew and rescue became your passion,
I was right there beside you to help complete each rescue mission.

I was proud to lick your face free of joyful tears,
As my sisters and brothers were freed from all of their fears.

There was not a better feeling than when we retired for the night,
Having your hands on my heart and my paws wrapped around you tight.

Now, the most difficult part as we all know,
Are our final goodbyes and letting go.

I know our trip down Memory Lane will help all that I hold so close to my heart,
And know that you will all be with me forever as we part.

I will always be with you in spirit and looking down upon all of you.

With Love,

By Jan Collins © 6-1-07
In memory of our sweet little “Roly Poly” Tzu, oh how we
miss you. You have been an inspiration to us since the
first time we held you in our arms.

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