We Are The Seniors and Special Needs

We are the Seniors and Special Needs our friends,
And we should be loved to the very end.

We have been abandoned time after time,
But definitely have committed no crime.

Mistakes we have made a few,
But havenít all of you?

We are the Seniors and Special Needs who only ask for your continued devotion,
Unfortunately we found out you had different notions.

We have been your loving companions and given our all,
Anxiously, with tail wagging we ran to you whenever you called.

You abandoned us without a second look back..what nerve,
We hope that God doles out the justice that you truly deserve.

We are the Seniors and Special Needs our friends,
And we left this world peacefully knowing our rescue angels loved us to the very end.

Smudge, Zoya, Jenny, Isabel, Charlie
By Jan Collins © 8-22-06
To the loves of our lives, the seniors and special needs that many do not want. So many of you followed each other closely to the Rainbow Bridge and our hearts ache with emptiness for you, but we know you are happy and free. We miss you all terribly and feel blessed to have known you and loved you. Rest peacefully our little angels.

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