We Do Not Ask for Much

Oh Lord, why do so many discard us babies as we grow old and gray?
You would think they would love us more with every passing day.

There has to be a way to change the human mind,
They should be able to learn from us how to be gentle and kind.

Throughout our lives we give our masters our love, devotion, and trust.
Only to be flicked away as if we were only a small speck of dust.

There are loving families that surround our masters when they grow old,
They are cared for to the end and never shut out in the cold.

We ask very little during our life upon this earth,
A scratch on the ear, a soft pat on the head, a warm bed upon the hearth.

We breathe, love and care just like our masters do,
After turning their backs on us, have they no fear of meeting you?

Oh Lord, please teach those out there how to be loyal, true and kind,
We would be so thankful to you for it would give us such peace of mind.

By Jan Collins © 3-30-05
In memory of our sweet, gentle, loving Nena who was discarded at a shelter. She filled our lives with joy and happiness. Sweet dreams little one, we'll see you again one day.

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